System Crash - ? Win XP SP2 - ?Vid Driver conflict

  RogueTrooper1967 23:49 04 Jan 2005

Recently built a new base system with Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 939 Mobo - AMD64+ 3200 - 1Gb Corsair RAM - Maxtor 160Gb HD - in an Artic cooling case.
From new build no problems for 2-3 weeks then I am geting system crashes which MS report as Graphics Driver related or a graphics hardware. Upgraded my Saphire(ATI)9600XT to a Leadtek Geforce 6800. Still getting crashes - have done just about everything (revised all drivers even tried old ones that worked fine)including Reformating my HD(Twice one with each card)I am firewalled and virus scaned up the ying yang and have never been so stuck or frustrated with a problem before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  Night Ryder 00:06 05 Jan 2005

As always in these circumstances load the latest drivers for your graphics card. Olso very important you have the latest version of DirectX.

  pete-290318 00:07 05 Jan 2005

I've recently had a very similar problem after upgrading to a leadtek 6800.
I replaced everything which made a very deep hole in the wallet and even had the first card replaced with little gain.
I found that the drivers from the nvidia site would not work at all with the card and downloaded latest drivers from leadtek with semi success.

I found I had to remove every last bit of old drivers to stop conflicts and crashes.

I dont believe I am getting the full potential from this card but have run out of cash and have played with settings and it is stable at the moment.

hope you can get it sorted.

  pete-290318 00:10 05 Jan 2005

just an afterthought ... when I contacted leadtek they advised a good psu because the card is very power hungry but I would think that yours will be up to the job based on the rest of your system but worth a mention.


  Night Ryder 00:23 05 Jan 2005

Yes power supply very important. I have an NVIDIA FX 9500 Ultra. Had no end of problem untill I upgraded my sypply to a 350 Watt version.

  RogueTrooper1967 05:41 05 Jan 2005

To respond - I have made sure I have all the latest Drivers individual mobo updates and the latest approved forceware fron Nvidia. The power supply in the artic cooling case is a 350W Seasonic which comes highly recommended by hardware reviewers. (and if it is a power issue why does windows report a graphics problem??)
I am soo annoyed I wish I had stuck with my old system.

  RogueTrooper1967 08:00 07 Jan 2005

Situation still causing me problems -any further help would be appreciated

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