System crash & Screen freeze

  morefire 13:30 06 Jan 2008

I know there are quite a few posts like this one but mines is a bit of a few combination and i wanted to know if anyone has the same problem as me and if what i think the solution is is correct.

I have a system spec:

Mother Board: MSI K9N6SGM V GeForce 6100 Socket AM2 onboard VGA and 8 channel audio mATX

Processor: AMD X2 4000


RAM: 1GB DDR2 6400

OP: Win XP

On board graphics

My system case has 2 fans front and side panel that feeds cool air straight to the processor fan

my system keeps crashing after a few hrs of using it the screen freezes with colourfull lines all over it and i have to switch off my pc and then back on again.

the reset button doesnt work at this stage as my system fans will still all be on but no booting up or beeps.

and after a crash i have to leave the computer for a few hrs before i can use it again for another few hrs as it will crash again if i switch it o too soon.

now this problem occurs no matter what i am doing, whether its graphics work, playing music or solitaire or even just moving around the mouse. it loves to crash more frequently whenever it comes to videos.

I have cleaned up my HDD so i have at lease 20GB of free space.
I have ran a HDD scan and also defrag the drive
I have ran up to date anti virus utilities and spyware utilities even the online scan ones.
Still no solution.

I have tried however removing my pc case and sticking a fan facing the inside. this lets me use my pc for much longer and also able to use it if it has just crashed before i put the fan in front of it.

Does this sounds like a cooling problem as i cant rule this as a hardware problem.

And if its a coling problem what do i need to do to solve this as my standing fan is much too big and noisy to keep using?

Any Advise is much appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 06 Jan 2008

Does this sounds like a cooling problem

Yes definately, but am suprised if you have case fans working OK.

Check fans are running the correct way?
Also worth cleaning the fan blades and heatsink of the CPU.

My system case has 2 fans front?
One on frount should suck air in and another at rear should blow air out so there is a good air flow across the components.

  morefire 17:36 07 Jan 2008

thanks for your response

thats what my fans do the one at the front out and the one at the side in.

my pc is only 2 mths old so everything is very clean.

but my issue is if its a cooling problem, which component is over heating, is it the processor, graphics, or ram?

if i know which one i can provide better cooling

  morefire 20:56 14 Jan 2008

can anyone else sehd some light on my situation please?

  katkins 23:10 14 Jan 2008

You wouldn't believe it, but for 5 or 6 months until mid December last, I was plagued with browser freeze-ups and crashes accompanied now and again by blue screen as well. As soon as I logged back on again, within minutes of accessing the net, a TOTAL freeze-up then crash would occur (including Task Manager too) sometimes, but not always followed by a blue screen. Frequently, I had to switch off the base unit manually.

Being as I had extended insurance on my refurbished Packard Bell 1GB base unit, I naturally contacted the firm concerned to inform them I had done two reformats within 24 hours AND the prob was still with me.

They asked a series of questions most of which I had already tried out with no success. Then they told me to do ANOTHER reformat without loading any software except my broadband software and to go straight to Microsoft Windows Update site before downloading and updating my antivirus software which I thought was odd advice. Antivirus comes first, I always believed. Anyway, I did what they recommended - TO NO AVAIL. At this point I was very miffed. As a last resort, they told me to package it up for return to their premises.

Eight days later it arrived back already reformatted, etc. A short while after getting back online, the browser frozed again and wiped the desktop icons AND taskbar/system tray. I nearly cried! When I rung to enquire what tests and/or repairs they had carried out, I was told they had replaced the motherboard and hard disk. (Funny, no completed form to that effect was enclosed with the pc as most repairers normally supply). Odd that!!!

To cut a long story short, the problem turned out to be Yahoo Tool Bar which I discovered myself after months of bewilderment. As a rule, I have never usually allowed Third Party tool bars onto my system, but this one comes with the Broadband provider I use.

Incidently, if anyone wants to know how to prevent Internet Explorer browser taking out your desktop icons and bottom taskbar/system tray, go into each of the the following files:

1. Open the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Window\CurrentVersion\Explorer.
2. Double-click on the value DesktopProcess. If the value doesn't exist then click Edit > New > DWORD Value. Enter the name DesktopProcess and press Enter then double-click on the DesktopProcess value.
3. In the Value data box enter 1 so that Windows loads the desktop and taskbar as separate processes then click OK.
4. Close the Registry Editor and restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

PS If you prefer to open the desktop and taskbar in the same process as all other Explorer instances, repeat these steps and put back the original 0 in the Value data box.

  katkins 23:27 14 Jan 2008

Incidently, I forgot to mention, after the computer was returned to me from the repairers last month with the problem unresolved, I opened the computer, unscrewed the housing to both fans and cleaned both thoroughly including their wells, in a desperate effort to get rid of the problem, of course, all to no avail, that is, until I found out what was really causing the prob, ie, Yahoo Tool Bar.

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