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  sattman 10:29 22 Jan 2005

I need some advice to find out where to look and what I can try to get a computer with windows ME to run and remain active in normal start-up up in the system configuration utility (msconfig)?

Selecting normal start-up and applying sees the boxes all indicate active and whilst the boxes all stayed ticked, the “selective start” shows each time that I reboot it

I found this situation whilst investigating a problem with both AVG and Avast antivirus software, I can install ok but because I cannot get either to run resident in the background my computer is not protected (programme do not show in the start up list or in ctr alt del).

Also not sure if this could be a conflict causing the failure of both AV programmes but can anyone advise how to remove Norton and its associated items from start up in the configuration utility. Norton is no longer on the computer and was removed as per Symantec advice, I can remove the entry in start up but it comes back on each reboot.

  jakimo 11:37 22 Jan 2005

In search for files and folders type symantec,if a symantec folder apears delete it,do the same typing norton.

you will get conflicts if you have more than one av installed

  johnnyrocker 11:58 22 Jan 2005

might this be a case for deleting with system restore disabled first?


  sattman 12:34 22 Jan 2005

jakimo, when I uninstalled Norton I did a search and deleted all the files and folders that I could find.

johnnyrocker, I have now tried your suggestion but no success

  sattman 13:33 22 Jan 2005


  woodchip 13:43 22 Jan 2005

Do a Search as above for both Symantec and Norton in windows explorer and Regedit and Delete them. In Regedit go to Menu\Find after each find Delete and then Press F3 to go to next. You also need to start at the top of the Tree in Regedit

  sattman 09:59 23 Jan 2005

Gone through registry and I would not have believed that I would find so many Norton and Symantec entries still lurking in there after using regclean. Managed to clean it out, but I have a problem.

The following key will delete but insists on restoring itself again as soon as I run msconfig

* NAV Agent "C:\Program~1\Norton~1\NAVAPW32.exe"

Also I still have two Norton entries coming up in the system start up listing, and they will not stay deleted.

Can anyone give advice on how to permantly delete the key.? also is there any additional point to edit the start up list from?

  sattman 11:27 23 Jan 2005


  Lettervanman 11:41 23 Jan 2005

When I had to uninstall Norton, their site said that all traces of current and old Norton products had to be removed. i.e. old versions that had since been upgraded.
I had to download some reg.editing tools from Symantec and run them,did you have this choice?
It did the job in the end!

  sattman 16:04 23 Jan 2005

I kept finding bits all over after uninstall and even regclean. I took woodchips info and deleted each individual entry.

  stalion 16:12 23 Jan 2005

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