System clock loosing time

  caast ©™ 23:01 22 Apr 2003

I did a wildcard search on this as I was sure someone must have had a similar problem but cannot find any posts.

My problem is that the system clock is loosing time pretty quickly i.e. after changing to correct time it will loose something in the order of 15 Min's in a couple of hours.

This is an old board that has been rebuilt after a couple of months in the loft. The PC works just fine no problems it just keeps loosing time.

Is it just the CMOS battery that wants changing or is there a more serious problem?

  woodchip 23:09 22 Apr 2003

You need a new motherboard battery, but you will lose the cmos settings unless you save or write them all down

  woodchip 23:20 22 Apr 2003

PS if you want the program to save CMOS, Download cmosram2 from click here

  DieSse 23:24 22 Apr 2003

If it loses time when running windows, it's a software problem. When running windows (or DOS if my memory serves me correctly) - the time is kept by the operating system.

If it loses time when switched off, it's a battery problem

  Pesala 23:36 22 Apr 2003

Atomic Clock Sync (484 K) click here

  caast ©™ 23:49 22 Apr 2003

Thanks to all, will just change battery and see how I go on from there.p.s. Pesala have atomic clock on another PC dont think thats the problem, cheers anyway.M

  DieSse 00:05 23 Apr 2003

If it only loses time when it's switched on, changing the battery will get you nowhere, as it isn't in use for keeping the time!

  Roland Butter 14:30 25 Apr 2003

Didn't pick up your problem with a search - too impatient! I have had the same clock problem for a couple of months. If it is software related I don't know why it's only recently showing up. I've tried closing each application running, one by one to highlight the offending glitch, but nothing yet. I'll keep you posted if I turn anything up.

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