System Admin has set policies to prevent this

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 18:49 20 Jul 2007

I am running XP prof with SP2

I am trying to install (finally) Ad Aware 2007 plus.

When I start to run it to install, in windows installer it will not install, it starts to install with the first 2 windows of windows installer and then a message comes up

"The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation."

I have looked at as much of the admin folder as I know how - - -anyone got any ideas?

This is after a virus attack and I have had to reinstall other programmes which have installed OK. Everything else is running fine.

chkdsk etc run fine.Virus checkers, and spyware report everything OK.
Charles :)

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 18:51 20 Jul 2007

PS I am the only user and sole administrator signed in and everything

  recap 18:52 20 Jul 2007

There may be malware or even a virus still lurking on your system that is stopping Asaware from installing.

I take it that you are installing the program as the Administrator?

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 18:56 20 Jul 2007

Yes, I am installing as Admin and Norton and others say no problems. I had to do a registry repair but that went well and solved a problem with AUTOCHECK skipping at startup

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