System 32 Folder - Appears on Startup

  MCPR82 11:36 16 May 2004

When I start up my pc the System 32 Folder is displayed. I've checked the programmes in the start up menu and it's not included.
Grateful for any suggestions as to a 'cure'

Many Thanks !!


  Diodorus Siculus 11:47 16 May 2004

The other place it may be is referenced in the startup tab of the configuration utility:




- see if it is mentioned there. IF so, untick the reference to it.

  pc moron 11:50 16 May 2004

Windows xp? click here

It involves editing the registry though.

  temp003 11:52 16 May 2004

Check in msconfig startup tab, to see if there is a startup item which contains no path to an .exe file.

If the registry Run section contains just the name of an exe file, but by default, Winodws will look for it in the System32 folder. If the entry under the Command column is empty, untick it, click OK, and restart.

Or, if you find under the Command column, an entry with just the name of an .exe file - such as abcde.exe, then go to your system32 folder and check if such a file exists. If the file doesn't exist, untick the box for it in msconfig, OK and restart.

A Creative sound card driver is also known to create this problem. If you think this may be the cause, I'm sure someone can find the fix for you (there's a registry fix on kellyskorner site I think).

  MCPR82 13:16 16 May 2004

Doesn't seem to be anything 'obvious' in msconfig (though I'm no expert).

I do have a creative sound card - but I don't think I've made any changes to the settings ?

Any more clues ??


  beeuuem 13:20 16 May 2004

Go to click here and go to item 260 in the right hand column and download the fix.

  MCPR82 16:48 16 May 2004

Thanks Beeuuem - Alas that fix doesn't seem to work.

  beeuuem 17:21 16 May 2004

How about click here ?

  MCPR82 17:40 16 May 2004

That sorted it - Many Many Thanks !!


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