System 32

  THOMASIO 22:45 16 Jul 2003

Every time my computer is booting up I get a screen full of icon files with the heading System 32 anyone any idea why and how I can stop it.

  Willow12 22:59 16 Jul 2003

This may help

Go to your start button and go to your Control Panel and look in Tools, Folder Options, and View, Uncheck - Display the contents of system folders.

  Willow12 23:11 16 Jul 2003

If this doesn't work then click Start, Run, type msconfig and uncheck the /L:ENG entry (if you have it) from the Startup tab. When you reboot you will be warned about changing the settings. Just confirm that you don't want this warning again and all should be O.K.

This seems to be unique to Dell systems so I am guessing that you have one of those!



  User-312386 23:19 16 Jul 2003

or go to the startup folder and see if it is in there

if it is in "startup folder" just delete it

  THOMASIO 23:20 16 Jul 2003

Thank you Willow12 'Display the contents of system folders'is unchecked. You are correct it is a DELL system

  Willow12 23:25 16 Jul 2003

Is it sorted now then?

  THOMASIO 12:41 17 Jul 2003

Hello Willow12 I think you probably you misunderstood me, the box was already unchecked and the problem persists. As I am a little bit of a novice and while I appreciate Madboy33 response I am loath to delete any files unless I know exactly what I am doing.

  THOMASIO 12:43 17 Jul 2003

Thank you Madboy33 please see my response to Willow 12 above

  Willow12 18:30 17 Jul 2003

Right here is what to do, click here this is a list of everything that can appear on your Startup list. First of all anything that you 'uncheck' on the Startup list does not adversely affect the way the program runs, it simply stops it starting up automatically. Which is what we are trying to acheive with System 32.

Using the link supplied and with the Startup tab open (through msconfig as described above) look at everything on your PC that starts at boot-up and compare with the list on the web-site. If you use the Alphanumeric index then the site provides a write-up of each Startup item and what it does, and whether it is needed or not. If in doubt then leave it in, but you will be surprised at how much can be removed.

There are a lot of programs which have a high sense of their own importance and like to start at boot-up when they don't need to. I can only reiterate that you are not changing the way any programs run but are just stopping them launching automatically. Just make sure that you don't turn your firewall off!

This should work ................

........... However if this doesn't work then post back again as there are other ways to stop System 32 running but they do mean changing Registry entries which requires more care as it is not an area in which you want to make too many mistakes!

As a bit of background info on Dell Dimension systems which have a factory installed Creative Labs Audigy2 sound card, after an unknown period of time and with an unknown trigger event, a registry entry will be added that causes the System 32 folder window to open at startup.

Let me know if this works.



  THOMASIO 21:00 18 Jul 2003

Thank you Willow12 you are most kind to have spent so much time on my problem. I have been away for a couple of days and have only read your latest response. I will investigate over the weekend and let you know. Once again very many thanks for your kind assistance.

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