Systan freeze at boot and others

  boybrown 13:57 13 Jan 2007

Hi there folks,

I've developed an intermitent system freeze on boot and also occasionally when up and running. The only two things that show up of note are firstly the CPU light stays on permanently, secondly and I suppose more worryingly is that load metallic clicks are heard when it freezes on power-up. I was thinking maybe an imminent HD failure but have run the manufacturers diagnostic with no errors reported, any other suggestions?

I've also installed a system monitor to see if heating's an issue but the problem occurs when the system is cold so don't think it should be time enough to overheat.

Does anyone know of any CPU test programmes to see if that has an issue, and also any memory programme that does not need a floppy to run (hence why I can't utilise MEMTEST)

Help as always appreciated


tom :o)

  brundle 14:03 13 Jan 2007

Failing or underpowered power supply is the most likely - boot up time is the most work for a PSU.

  €dstowe 14:06 13 Jan 2007

Recently had a similar problem myself. The failing power supply unit, as suggested by brundle, was the culprit.

Replaced it and the machine runs better than it's ever done.

  sinbads 14:30 13 Jan 2007
  boybrown 15:53 13 Jan 2007

Cheers for the suggestions. I didn't think about the power unit as it is only a few months old and the boot seems to reach windows load-up before crashing although I certainly won't rule out your suggestions.

Sinbads, the CPU test link seems only to be in Russian, is this just me missing something blindingly obvious?


tom :o)

  brundle 16:36 13 Jan 2007

Sisoft Sandra - big download but it does burn-in/stress tests; click here

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