sysfan 1 - is it safe?

  craga2012 23:00 16 Nov 2012

Hello, I have purchased two 120mm case fans without really thinking if they will actually work -_-

My motherboard is a and i currently have one 'SYS FAN 1' header on the mb free.

My question is, can i use the TX3 Fan Power Splitter Cable i've also ordered to plug both fans into, then plug the splitter into the 'sysfan 1' header or would it cause problems? The fans seem to be rated at 0.08a each which would equate to 0.16a? Though im not really sure of the max amp the sys fan 1 can handle :S

Any help would be appreciated as i dont want to have ended up wasting my money haha

  Chronos the 2nd 08:14 17 Nov 2012

Yes you can do this, I am currently downsizing from a ATX motherboard to a M-ATX as I want a smaller case and unfortunately the mobo I have bought does not have enough fan headers so a splitter will be necessary. I suspect that if anything the fans may spin a little slower but that will mean less noise.

So go ahead no problems.

  craga2012 09:16 17 Nov 2012

Ah cheers! Was just worried I might over burden or fry the mobo header if the fans are too powerful but at 016a I'm sure they should be ok.

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