sys32 blasterworm- removal

  SparkyJack 12:13 14 May 2011

One of my flock reports that his machine appears to be infected with this - and prevents any activity ,no matter what he tries the same result- Infected by sys 32 blaster worm- purchase the remedy..... He knows not how it got there and appears to show MS logos it presumably is a scam. So he cannot at the moment activate any program, go on line , or attempt a system Restore Is there a remedy apart from reformat?

  birdface 13:18 14 May 2011

Maybe try this if he can.You get a 30 day free trial and it will remove anything that it finds.

  1. Turn off computer ,then turn on and start tapping F8
  2. When the Advanced startup options appear Select Safe mode With Networking
  3. Open internet explorer goto ,download Hitman pro "32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Os"
  4. Run Hitman pro ,let this scan the computer
  5. Activate Free Licence
  6. Reboot Pc

Infection Removed..!

Or if he uses I/E go to internet options.Advanced.connections.Lan settings.And if Proxy Server is ticked untick it then update and run all his security programs.

  johndrew 13:51 14 May 2011

You may find it helpful to download the AVG Rescue CD and make a copy (or two?) link text.

The PC can be booted from this and 'repaired' by removing the malware. It will give you a highly mobile facility to continue the good work you do with your 'flock' more quickly and, hopefully, make your life a little easier.

  SparkyJack 20:46 14 May 2011

Thank you both for those suggestions. However I visited him this afternoon and the affliction will allow none of this No safe mode, not online, nothing Looking at what is appearing - I took note and looked up

link text

and it looks the same except that it is asking for a $60 fee So could be a scam or as they no longer support the Free update - are they actually charging for it now?

  birdface 21:29 14 May 2011

No it is free where did you find the charge bit.Did you try tapping F8 or F5 as the computer starts for safe mode.

  lotvic 23:08 14 May 2011

I think it more likely that the pc has one of the SCAM malware programs that do a fake scan and try to frighten you into paying for the program to 'remove' what it has 'found'

Here is an example ClickHere on Been hijacked by "Spyware Protection" program. w32 blaster.worm trojan downloader

  johndrew 10:04 15 May 2011

With the AVG Rescue CD you don't boot the PC, you boot from the CD itself - the download is free.

Either tap F8/5 as the PC boots to get into Boot Options and with the CD inserted select the CD/DVD drive. The PC will boot from the CD and give you scan/clean options select and let it do its stuff.

  bremner 10:20 15 May 2011

It would be very surprising for a computer with AV to be infected by Blaster. This was a circa 2006 virus that is effectively dealt wiith by all AV now.

What application iis reporting the infection?

This is almost certainly scam software. You need to identify it and download the appropriate software to remove it. Bleeping Computer website is a good source. Click here

  SparkyJack 11:25 15 May 2011

I have now recommended that he downloads the AVG rescue disc onto his wife's machine ,burn the disk and- see what happens in the 'sicky'.

I notice this post same title has attracted 7 responses under another below this one- is this normal?

  bremner 12:05 15 May 2011


If you are looking at the list in My Posts then this is currently normal

  SparkyJack 13:37 19 May 2011

I have got the afflicted machine home-

and it gets worse All attempts to boot brought the 'Buy me' screen up

The ultimate remedy then is to insert Windows disk and reinstall. After the initial loading of files- BSD saying shutting own because.... So not even a new system could be loaded.

So reset the BIOS Boot sequence to floppy and insert old Win98 start disk to F/Disk and start over.

The floppy did not run and 'Damaged boot sector' showed.

So next thoughts?

My next one is to put in a H/D system disk, make the existing harddrive slave and format from Admin tools/ computer management/disk Any better ideas welcome.

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