Syncing same email on outlook of 2 computers

  adinike 11:12 08 Oct 2010

I've set up 2 same email account on two different computers using microsoft outlook. I've managed to get both computers to have the same email messages coming in by checking "leave copy of messages on server".

However whatever i read from one computer, or from my phone, is not reflected as READ in my other computer (or in my phone, whichever one i read first). And if i reply from one computer, it is also not reflected in my other computer. This is really bothersome as this is a shared email i use in the company and i have to keep asking my colleague if he had read/replied to a particular mail.

Any solution to solve this....?

  Woolwell 11:33 08 Oct 2010

I guess that you are using a POP e-mail account. For what you want you really need a IMAP account.
I have this for one of my accounts and I can read the e-mails on desktop, laptop and phone and it will tell me what has been read. Sent e-mails are a bit more difficult.

  Woolwell 11:34 08 Oct 2010

Of course the other way is to use just webmail.

  mgmcc 11:53 08 Oct 2010

>>> Sent e-mails are a bit more difficult.

Why? If you're using IMAP, the sent messages should also be "synchronised" with whichever computer you are using.

  Woolwell 12:06 08 Oct 2010

Unfortunately it doesn't work quite as well as that with Outlook as the sent e-mails end up normally in the sent folder under all accounts and this is not synchronised with the IMAP server. You can however create a message rule or untick the box which move sent messages folder see click here

  Woolwell 12:09 08 Oct 2010

ps I have a message rule that works for Outlook. With Live Mail I don't have this snag.

  adinike 12:34 08 Oct 2010

Hey thanks woolwell... I am indeed using a POP account. However it is a paid email service and i merely followed its settings and put it into outlook. Do u think i can configure the account in your so called IMAP seettings?

  Woolwell 12:36 08 Oct 2010

Depends on what the provider permits. You may be able or may not be able to change it to a IMAP account. You need to go to their help and FAQ.

  adinike 12:56 08 Oct 2010

Alright. At least now i know wat is required to make me get wat i want. If it can't be done i know it can't be done instead of wondering how about i could make it happen. Thanks man!

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