Syncing Outlook Express with its Back-up folder

  folaboss 17:10 21 Jan 2013

I back-up "My Documents" regularly from my "C" drive to an otherwise empty "D" drive on my PC. I've also, for the first time, just backed up my Outlook Express e-mails from the Dtore Folder onto the same drive by following guidelines issued by Microsoft and also a You Tube video. What I'd like to know is whether the "Synchronizer" free program on the February 2013 PC Advisor Magazine DVD would keep these back-up folders up to date. I'm particularly concerned about the OE back-up as I have loads of e-mails containing irreplaceable information because more and more organisations that I deal with do their business by e-mail. Also, does the OE back-up also save attachments, including photographs? I'm using Windows XP and Outlook Express 6.0

  folaboss 17:12 21 Jan 2013

That should read Store Folder not Dtore Folder. Sorry.

  lotvic 17:49 21 Jan 2013

I don't use a sync program so can't advise on that, but:

If you want to be really sure you have a backup copy you can have a copy of each email in My Documents as an .eml

This has the advantage of being able to browse and choose an idividual email to open without having to import in OE all of your current backup in the event that you lose the original emails in your OE folders.

HowTo: Open My Documents and make a new folder with the same/similar name the folder has in OE (for example if you have a folder called 'Bloggs&Co' in OE you could call the new folder 'Bloggs&Co emls'

Reduce the size of the Window to cover about half of your desktop screen.

Open OE and reduce the Window to cover the other half of your desktop screen.

Open the Bloggs&Co folder so that all the emails are displayed.

Put mouse cursor on a blank part in amongst the emails and leftclick.

Hold down 'Ctrl' on your keyboard and press 'A' (this will select all of the emails in Bloggs&Co)

Drag and drop the emails from OE across into the new folder in MyDocuments.

This creates a copy of the emails, it does not move the originals out of OE.

To keep updated you can drag and add individual new emails you receive in OE to the folder in My Documents.

Now when you back up 'My documents' the .emls are included.

I have just doublechecked the above steps and deleted from OE an email that had a .pdf attachment and emptied my Deleted Folder. I then closed OE and opened the .eml from the folder I'd made in My documents. It opened and the .pdf was there and able to be opened.

  Batch 19:34 21 Jan 2013

If you back-up all of the DBX files from the Store Folder (the Store Folder should only contain a whole series of DBX files (one for each mail folder) you will have backed up everything (all emails, attachments, embedded photographs etc).

In simple terms you should only backup (or restore) the whole set of DBX files at any one time (although it is possible to restore individual DBX files but requires a little bit of jiggery pokery and knowledge).

You might also want to backup your address book file (open Address Book and goto Help, About to find its location). It should be named .wab (e.g. folaboss.wab).

If you need more info, just ask.

  folaboss 11:58 24 Jan 2013

Thanks for those tips. I was hoping that someone could tell me whether a Synchronisation program would work between the original Store Folder and the Back-Up. PC Advisor's CD this month (Feb 2013) gives a free download program. Would this work and help to keep the back-up store folder up to date? Otherwise the only alternative I can think of is to delete the back-up and re-load it on a regular basis.

  Batch 13:05 24 Jan 2013

Can't comment on teh specific software that you are referring to. But as far as the mail files (DBXs) are concerned, all any so called synchronisation program would do would be to replace each of the DBX files each time you do a backup.

You could easily just make a series of backups (over time) to an external hard disk by creating folders there called (say) MailDBXs_DDMMYY and copying the DBXs across. Then over time you can delete the older folders (and hence older DBX copies).

BTW, I'd recommend closing OE6 before doing a backup.

  lotvic 00:13 25 Jan 2013

I think the simplest solution is to move your OE store folder so that it is in 'My documents' and will then get backed up with rest of your files.

How to move your store folder scroll down to bottom of page

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