Syncing mp3 player to WMP. Possible?

  Zorgalite 22:05 16 Mar 2011

Hi all.
I already posted this in digital home but, I am thinking this is maybe the better forum for it.

I have a question that I am hoping someone can maybe answer.
I had my Sony mp3 player synced with windows media player on my netbook before but, I have since wiped the WMP library off my netbook.
Is it possible to sync all music (including playlists) back to an empty windows media player?

The last time I attempted this I lost everything and had to manually add it all back on to computer and create all playlists again and then sync back to the device again.

Any advice appreciated.

  MAT ALAN 22:10 16 Mar 2011

click here

Might help...

  Pineman100 13:24 17 Mar 2011

My mp3 player isn't a Sony, but I regularly sync to and from it. I'm certain that music files on your player can be copied back into your Music folder on your computer in exactly the same way that you would copy any type of file back to the computer from an external drive.

I should add that I don't know anything about Digital Rights Management - so I have no idea whether this might cause you problems.

  Zorgalite 11:53 22 Mar 2011

Thanks for your replies but, unfortuitely this doesn't help.
I already know how to sync my mp3 player with WMP under normal circumstances. But what I was hoping to be able to do was, import my playlists back in to WMP after I copy the music files back to the computer and add them to the WMP library again.
However, I have tried this in the past and it doesn't seem to work (probably du to the music files not being in the exact same physical location as they were origionally). Unless anyone knows a diferent way??

  Zorgalite 18:28 25 Mar 2011

Ticking this a s resolved, even though it isn't, no one seems to have an answer so I assume it just cant be done. Thanks anyway for suggestions.

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