Synchronising a Palm PDA with Outlook

  first500 13:20 20 Jun 2006

Since upgrading to Outlook 2003, I get the following message when synching my Palm PDA (using Chapura PocketMirror supplied with the Palm): "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?" (Click Yes and carries on ok)

Is there a Registry Hack to prevent this message? because Chapura's solution is to sell me their latest version for $30, which is a lot of money to stop a pop up which shouldn't be there!

  stlucia 13:41 20 Jun 2006

Have you emailed Palm UK about this? I had a problem earlier this year with synchronising a new Palm (can't remember what exactly it was), and Palm gave me links to the latest versions of Palm software, and to Chapura for a "replacement" copy of PocketMirror Standard.

I solved my problem by replacing the Palm part of the software, so I don't know if Chapura would have charged me -- though the tone of the Palm email was that they wouldn't.

  wee eddie 14:32 20 Jun 2006

Sounds like a NIS warning to me

  first500 15:48 20 Jun 2006

stlucia - Yes - Palm told me I should get the latest version from Chapura - and implied it would be free. However Chapura no longer give free upgrades!

wee eddie. I am running Norton, but the error message is legitimate according to Microsoft: click here

  nick_j007 16:49 20 Jun 2006

I get this same message when synching my slightly older Nokia phone with Outlook, and consider it to be normal.

Just click yes and it will complete.

Not aware of a hack to stop it however.

Try Googling the message and see if anyone else has come up with the same question in other forums.



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