synchronised sound and video

  ted bear 02:07 25 Apr 2004

i am transferring all my old camcorder videos to dvd using a tevion tv capture card. audio and picture are great when watching and capturing but when i encode the file to burn to dvd the audio goes out of sync' any ideas what im doing wrong or any good fixes ? finished dvd picture quality and audio are great apart from the sync problem

  ted bear 13:45 25 Apr 2004

i perhaps should have said my o/s is xp and i am using a composite cable to transfer video from 8mm camcorder to computer with a seperate audio cable for sound

  Graham ® 14:39 25 Apr 2004

This is a known problem when transferring to DVD. The audio and video are processed seperately. I've seen a forum on this subject, I'll have a look for it.

  pj123 14:41 25 Apr 2004

You are not doing anything wrong. There are so many previous posting about this problem but here is one you should read to start with. click here I started off with Pinnacle Studio 8 and the sync was awful. The updated Pinnacle Studio 8.12 made a slight difference but still not spot on. I also tried Nero 6 but I didn't get any sound at with that so I am about to try MyDVD.

  dogtrack 14:45 25 Apr 2004

a very complex subject to discuss here. Without purchasing some expensive equipment, here is a very good workaround. click here
Print it off and have a good read. Then if you feel confident, by all means proceed. Have fun.

  Graham ® 14:50 25 Apr 2004

This is a US site, you should be able to find one where you are. click here

It mentions 'lip sync', which is what you should look for in any spec.

  ted bear 15:36 25 Apr 2004

thanks for all the help and advice - i think the problem from what iv just read is the audio sampling rate .iv been using the standard sampling rate of 44.1 i will adjust sampling rate slightly and see if that works as per "dog tracks" click here advice. i will let you know how i get on.
thanks again for all your help

  ted bear 12:51 20 May 2004

hi i thought i would tell u how i finaly sorted my sync problem out - turning off as many running processes as possible gave me a big improvement and when i increased audio sampling rate from 41000 to 48000 it was perfect ( even though my integrated sound has a limit of 41000. try and figure that! )

  ted bear 12:54 20 May 2004

should be 44100 to 48000 sampling rate

  GroupFC 13:37 20 May 2004

I just wanted to say thank you for coming back and posting how you managed to solve your problem!

This is a great site from which one can learn a great deal and even more when somebody posts a solution!

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