FOEYDO 19:38 29 Mar 2006

Can someone please tell me how big companies synchronise their emails and files on several pcs?

  ACOLYTE 19:42 29 Mar 2006

By paying someone else to do it for them i would guess.

  FOEYDO 20:10 29 Mar 2006

i need to know exactly what they use and how

  ACOLYTE 20:14 29 Mar 2006

I would think they have a main pc server set up and all the rest of the pc's linked to it.But i could'nt say exactly how they do it or what software they use to do it,they could all use different software and setups.

  VoG II 20:15 29 Mar 2006

As far as I know the files and e-mails reside on servers and the individual PCs access the files on the servers. For those with laptops who are not always in the office they can synchronise e-mail using their e-mail software and files using synchronisation software - I use SynchToy click here but there are lots of other programs to do this.

  Chris-347369 20:44 29 Mar 2006

Most companies have all their files held on a server and the individual PC's access their files there. On my work laptop the "My Documents" folder points to a remote location on a server.

A lot of companies usually have a Microsoft Exchange Server which holds all the emails and individual PC's use Outlook to download emails from that server

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