Sync, Outlook and Samsung Galaxy Ace

  exdragon 13:40 19 Jan 2012

Hi - I'm having problems with this and am feeling totally stupid. Basically, I've set up a Google calendar with the intention of synching my Outlook calendar to the Ace.

What I've ended up with is hundreds if not thousands of items from the Outlook calendar in the Deleted folder. I won't even go into what has/has not been transferred to the phone!

Is there any way I can retrieve the Outlook items from the Deleted folder and get them back where they should be, then I can start again? Clicking on them merely opens the event with a start date of 1 Jan 1980, while moving them to another folder simply opens an email with the event as an attachment.

As luck would have it, last week, in a fit of housekeeping, I deleted months' worth of restore points so can't use that. I've searched for .pst files and although I know I've backed up Outlook, I can't find it anywhere.

Is it a lost cause?

  Woolwell 14:20 19 Jan 2012

Open the deleted folder and highlight all of the deleted calendar items, right click and select move to folder and choose the calendar folder and they should all be back. Alternatively drag and drop them to the calendar folder.

Restore points would not help as this doesn't affect data.

For sync with my Samsung Galaxy S I use Google Calendar Sync. This syncs Outlook with Google Calendar and my phone is then automatically updated. You can set it up as updating both ways or one way only.

Have you used Kies? This will update the phone's calendar but not the google calendar on your phone. Both display in the calendar app. I choose not to sue the phone calendar.

  exdragon 14:36 19 Jan 2012

Woolwell - I think I love you, will you marry me?? I tried it with a couple of items and it put them back, so I'll do the rest.

I've got Google calendar sync, but think I got into this mess because I tried 2-way sync, so I think everything got duplicated each time it ran. If I opt for Outlook to Google, and enter something straight into the phone, will it then update to Outlook, or do I have to opt for the 2-way for this to happen?

Once I have got Outlook back to normal, would it be best to uninstall Google calendar sync, clear everything off the phone and start again?

My chap says the phone is the best thing I ever bought - it's kept me (reasonably) quiet for ages...

  Woolwell 16:49 19 Jan 2012

I find 2 way sync can be a pain. I work from Outlook to Google but this means that if I add an appointment in my phone Outlook does not get updated. But this is just my preference.

I've just got a new pc. Transferred all my outlook details across, ran calendar sync and ended up with every entry duplicated on Google. There doesn't seem to be an option to avoid duplicates. Once I'd sorted it out then all is fine again.

  exdragon 22:44 19 Jan 2012

Anyone got any comments about uninstalling Google calendar sync and starting again from scratch?

  Woolwell 22:52 19 Jan 2012

You can sync via Kies from outlook to your phone bypassing Google but this means that updates are only done when the two are connected and I find Kies awkward. You could consider deleting the Google calendar under settings and the phone may then delete them too when it syncs with Google. Then run Google Calendar Sync and you should be ok.

  exdragon 23:00 19 Jan 2012

Thank you! Had some odd results when shifting from Deleted to Calendar folder - some stuff went back with the correct date, while others remained as 1 Jan 1980. Still, I'm getting there.

  Woolwell 23:02 19 Jan 2012

I had the 1 Jan 1980 problem when Google Calendar Sync was transferring to Outlook. I think that it created a duplicate with a weird date and I would get hundreds of them. I now remember that is why I turned off 2 way sync!

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