sync modem ?

  iqs 20:24 16 Oct 2006

Hi ,
I posted a thread a few days ago regarding my download speed via BT broadband.50-60 kbps on a 3mb connection.

I was informed by the very clever amongst you that my speedtouch 330 modem was out-of-sync with the BT server.When this happens they downgrade my connecetion to half meg.

The comments stated, that they is away to re-establish my speed.It can take up to 3 days.

Today I aquired a ZOOM ADSK modem,model 5510.I thought I would give this ago before I take the recommedation of you all and purchase an ADSL ROUTER.

Even with this different modem I am still only downloading at 50-60 kbps.

Can anyone explain the procedure to sync my modems.

If this is not possible how do I explain the sync problem to the BT tech dept for them to address.

Sorry for asking another question related to my previous thread,but this is now annoying me.

Thank you,Mike : )

  Dipso 20:39 16 Oct 2006

Can you try this click here again and see what result you get as the last one gave a weird result.

  iqs 21:17 16 Oct 2006

Hi Dipso and thanks again for your help.

I have tried the test again,but nothing happens.The green status test bar starts to move then hangs.I left it running for 15 minutes.


  Dipso 22:03 16 Oct 2006

Have you tried a test very early in the morning to try and eliminate contention?

The tester can't cope with demand at the moment but it's a very useful diagnostic tool when it works.

You could see if BT can tell you what your profile is as ISP's can provide this info too. It's difficult trying to diagnose without knowing this.

Try the using the speedtester mentioned at the bottom of this click here If you can prove download speeds of under 400 Kbps then that's below the performance threshold that BT Wholesale expect for a sync of 3 Meg so they'll have to do something about it.

  Dipso 22:04 16 Oct 2006

First sentence is referring to a normal speedtest.

  woodchip 22:11 16 Oct 2006

Your link. I put my number in but it did not go more than half inch

  woodchip 22:13 16 Oct 2006

Download and try this Speed test, checks pings download speed and dropped packets

click here

  iqs 22:18 16 Oct 2006

Hi Dipso,

The test will not run on my Pc?.I have tried to use this speedtester many times,but the screen remains grey.

I have used many different speedtester,all say different speeds at different times of the day.

I will contact BT Tech tomorrow and speak to them again,and if possible obtain some useful info.

Once again many thanks for taking the time to assist.Regards,Mike

  iqs 22:55 16 Oct 2006

Thanks for the link.

I ran the test ,all tests came back stating my results were poor.If it helps I will try and post the details tomorrow.

  Dipso 09:31 17 Oct 2006

I presume you're referring to the first link to the new BT tester. As I said earlier, the test is very popular and can't cope with demand, however it is very useful "when" it does work. I have only got it to work a couple of times, you have to keep trying. It's not just your ordinary speed test it's used for diagnosing by ISP's/BT.

The second link was what was used prior to the new one "The BT speedtester actually will bypass your ISPs own network, and therefore is a good test of your PC/Modem/Line/Exchange" so is also a good diagnostic tool.

  iqs 11:06 17 Oct 2006

Good Morning,

Last night about 11.45 I was so annoyed with this persistant problem that I contacted BT Tech support again.

We went through the usual tests,checking the settings etc.No faults detected.

After about 20 minutes the nice lady,I think she was based in India decided to check my broadband line,a test which was carried out some weeks ago.

She informed me that they detected a fault????.Good news,yes but why wasn't the fault detected on the previous test?.

Hopefully they will correct the fault today.I should receive a phone call when fixed.Fingers crossed.

For over a month I have had a sub-standard service,which I have paid for.Am I entitled to compensasion?.

I will keep you posted on the repair.

Take care,Mike

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