Symptom of HDD failing?

  [email protected] 10:32 20 May 2007

Would a densely fragmented HDD in a short space of time - even with SuperDefrag running in smart mode, be a sympton of the HDD failing?

  skidzy 10:35 20 May 2007

Possibly,though if the drive has many bad sectors and clusters you should try a repair or at least download the makers diagnostic drive tools to assess if the drive is failing or damaged.

  [email protected] 10:41 20 May 2007

Chrs skidzy. It's a strange problem with a mates PC. He brought it to me unbootable with the statement 'It was making a lot of noise before it stopped'...
I put his HDD in my PC with a view to trying to rescue his data, but my PC saw it as an additional drive and from there I was able to work on it. It was heavily fragmented. I sorted that and cleared all the rubbish and got it running fine.
That was about 3 weeks ago. He has now returned with exactly the same problem and I have resolved it the same way. The odd thing is, when I am working on hiss HDD in my PC, I have the impression nothing is wrong with it - in fact it does all it should and is quiet!!!

  skidzy 10:45 20 May 2007

Strange,what exactly is filling this drive ?
As you are removing the rubbish,is your friend still putting a lot of rubbish back onto the drive ?

Difficult to actually answer this,is this drive with the os on it or just a backup/slave drive ?

Though if its been making a lot of noise,i would say its failing.

  [email protected] 10:52 20 May 2007

Not much on the drive. XP Home with the usual stuff - photo's, correspondence, email etc.
Last time it was here I ran every check I could think of including the bad sector, SFC etc. Scanned with AV (my own) and used CCleaner to remove the gash and run the reg clean.
It was working fine and booting normally when I gave it back.
Now it has arrived the same as before! I have asked repeatedly if he is doing anything different but it would appear they know little about PC's and use it mainly for email and photo storage!

  [email protected] 10:55 20 May 2007

I am running Defender on it at the moment and it's working fine an quiet. When it is finished I intend copying his HDD to a spare HDD I have, then returning it for a test period.
I have to admit it's a bit strange, hence my post. Usally Noise and HDD failure go hand in hand but when I have defragged it it runs normally....

  [email protected] 10:56 20 May 2007

I imagine the heavily fragmented disc would make it clatter a bit, I would expect that, but what is causing all the fragments?
Very odd...

  skidzy 11:07 20 May 2007

Have you actually tried the drive makers tools ?
I would suspect the drive has several areas that are just not holding the data and placing this where ever possible on the drive, possibly resulting in different clusters.
Though does seem strange it runs fine in your machine.

Though i cannot think of the app at the moment,there is a small program that will tell you the tree of data,this maybe a program they are using with there photos and storing the info all over the drive.

Im baffled to be honest if the drive works for you ok but not your friend.

  skidzy 11:20 20 May 2007

Just to add,you have ran chkdsk to assess any damage to any volumes ?
This may have to be scheduled upon a reboot.

  [email protected] 12:04 20 May 2007

Yes, I have run chkdsk.
It still appears to be normal at the moment and I am about to copy the drives so he can assess the situation with a different HDD.
I haven't tried the drive makers tool as the drive is very old and I haven't managed to find any relative utilities.
Thanks anyway. I will leave the thread open for a while and post any findings.

  g0slp 12:24 20 May 2007

Is the HDD mounted the same way on both computers? In other words, is it horizontal in one machine & vertical in the other? This might explain the noise, if the bearings are worn.

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