Symbol has dissapeared on exel spreadsheet

  ponytail 08:11 19 Feb 2014

I have just been working on a financial spreadsheet and the small green tick in the L/H corner no longer appears when I hover the cursor over the area.It is next to where the cell number is located and next to it is a small f and x.If you hover the cursor over the f&x it says insert function but I cannot see a green arrow there.If I click on select function and then select sumif which is the first function andclick ok the green tick then appears and a box appears called function arguments where do I go from there it says somethind about range and criteria

  lotvic 11:55 19 Feb 2014

It depends on what sum you want Excel to perform and give result in the cell you are working on. You are making that cell =SUMIF(range:range,"criteria")

Is there a reason you are choosing 'SUMIF' ?

  lotvic 12:07 19 Feb 2014

Example =SUMIF(A9:A14,">4") will add together the contents of cell range from A9 to A14 where contents value is more than 4 (and will ignore cells with a value of 4 or less).

  ponytail 15:45 19 Feb 2014

Hi chaps all I am doing is a sort of running account mostly taking sums of money from my running total but sometimes money is paid in so I then add the sum in one cell to my running total and I click on the green tick and that gives e my new total.There was no reason for clicking on sumif apart from seeing what it would produce

  Woolwell 22:27 19 Feb 2014

I don't have a green tick left hand corner but I do have green tick on the formula bar when I have inserted something into a cell (not a formula) and clicking on it is "Enter" same as using the Enter key on the keyboard.

Why you are "playing" with sumif I do not know. fx is shorthand for function. If you use that you enter a function into the cell eg adding two other cells together. You will not get a green tick with function.

You may have messed up your spreadsheet by inserting sumif.

  lotvic 00:23 20 Feb 2014

You are just doing a straightforward SUM. As in example - if column C is the running total of the sums of A and B columns, then in cell C2 you would put the function =SUM(C1,A2:B2) or it can be entered as =C1+A2+B2 (but I was taught to use the full expression and brackets in readiness for more complicated entries). If you use the dropbox and popup window to tell it to use SUM and then cell refs then it will insert the function as per =SUM(C1,A2:B2) and to complete the sum you can either click on the green tick or click on OK or press enter.

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