symatec live update..?what is it

  end 13:14 01 Feb 2005

am on lappy which has never, to my knowledge, had Norton AV on it; in control panell on both lappy and tower there is a section called symantec live update; am asuming that this is related to Norton AV which I had on Tower but uninstalled and put AVG on both lappy and tower; lappy is a "second-hand" machine so no idea what was on it before I got it,. and have built up lappy programs "as I go"; (and, yes, did an archive search for this and the one thread I found led me back to the welcom screan for some reason )

clues please folks would be welcom :)

  ACOLYTE 13:19 01 Feb 2005

Its a part of norton AV that checks the web for updates to the software,and virus defonitions and downloads them if needed.

  end 13:27 01 Feb 2005

I know that Norton has been on Tower, but not, to my knowledge, on lappy; I presume that this means that the uninstallation process on both machines did not perform a "clean sweep"? and nor that my lappy was as "clean " as I was led to believe?

does AVG utilise it at all? and why is it still sitting there if Norton has supposedly been un installed from both machines:(

  wiz-king 13:31 01 Feb 2005

It is the updating part of Norton AV, if you transfered any progs from your tower to the laptop you might have moved that over as well- it gets everywhere. Norton AV is/was fitted as to many machines when built, it might be a leftover. Because of the nature of the program if is isn't causing you bother leave it alone, you could end up with grief - just check in 'scheduled tasks' that it is set to never update.

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