symantec (not so good)

  SANTOS7 11:54 12 Jun 2006
  mattyc_92 11:58 12 Jun 2006

I glad I don't use Symantec products anymore...
Will send that link to my friends using Symantec...


  SB23 13:03 12 Jun 2006

As mattyc_92 has said, I'm glad I stopped aswell. I spent a fortune on some of their products over the years, but not any more.

  spuds 13:12 12 Jun 2006

Glad that I stick to the old faithfuls, like free Avast and AVG :O)

  Totally-braindead 13:49 12 Jun 2006

Interesting to read the posting from Mick underneath.

"" Posted on 06/02/2006 @ 08:14:40 CST by Mick
Whatever you say Chandler. Cheerlead all you want. I still say they all suck! Every antivirus program out there is one "update" away from destroying a computer, that is if it hasn't already.

I'm not suggesting that people don't use an antivirus. I use one. I just come from the school of thought that the antivirus is often worse for your computer than the viruses it is "protecting" you from. ""

I've never heard of the "school of thought" he comments on. I'm really surprised that with an attitude like his he even has a computer yet alone uses it.

  citadel 21:07 12 Jun 2006

they have adverts for for norton stuff on the page after telling us there no good.

  sunny staines 22:22 12 Jun 2006

Nav is this months prize draw in the mag. I still like Norton firewall & NAV [and have 2005 edition]so if any of the anti norton brigade win it I would be happy to accept it rather than you toss it in the bin with your bargepoles.

[one of nortons last loyal fans]

  alexgray104 22:27 12 Jun 2006

I too spent an absolute fortune on Symantec/Norton products down at PC World. I even recieved 2 viruses from NAV 2005. Been using AVG ever since, no viruses and it doesn't use half the resources norton did

  J B 16:13 13 Jun 2006

I agree with sunny staines, since my version NAV 2006 has been working rather well as of late.

I seem to have read about this problem with Symantec some time ago, so it is old news. I also believe it has been fixed. J.B.

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