Symantec Help Part 2.

  Ancient Learner 20:53 07 Jun 2005

I should not have closed the first thread down, as the saga is continuing. The first part is at click here

I had a reply to my Email to them, and it said "Symantec has launched a Live Technical Support for Norton Ghost that can be accessed 24/7.You can join our Live Technical Support by clicking on the link provided below:

>Web URL: click here

Note: You need to click on the Priority Care Telephone Support option that will take you to the Priority ID page to access the Free Live Chat Support. Please do not enter the email reference number while entering the information."

This eventually gets you to a 'chat' line which enables you to chat to an adviser. I'm not quite sure where they are based, but the names I've come across so far are, Kashif Karar Ahmed and Mananteth, both have been helpful and the latter particularly so. I've been led through clean booting, and, because I still can't burn the 2 DVDs, I've been led through a Belerc check which I've Emailed off to them.

Now I'm waiting for their Email Reply.

I'm fairly impressed with their efforts, it's just a pity that it takes so long to find a way of getting in touch with them, this being the reason why I'm setting it all down here in vase it might help so other poor soul.

  sinbad1 21:40 07 Jun 2005

paitience is a virtue, i'm afraid my patience with symantec ran out long ago and now i rest in peace.

should come with a goverment health warning.

hope you solve your problem


  Ancient Learner 14:35 16 Jun 2005

They have replied at long last. Someone else seems to have got involved! Their Email said

Welcome back to Symantec Online Technical Support.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
I gather from your message that you are encountering issues while burning the image on to a DVD media.

please be aware that this issue can occur due Spyware software installed on your system. To resolve this issue when creating an image to DVD, disable PepiMK Software - SpyBot and then verify for the issue.

I also recommend that you do not verify the image during the creation process. So please do not check the following option during image creation:

-Verify backup image file after creation

I recommend that you configure advanced settings for the image. To do so click Advanced Options and unmark the check boxes next to the following options:

[1] Ignore Bad sectors During Copy:

Clear the Checkbox for the above option. If you have already used a disk utility program such as ScanDisk to check your hard disk for errors, it is not necessary to have Ghost check for file system errors. Clearing Check for bad sectors saves time in copying the partitions.

[2] Disable SmartSector Copying:

SmartSector technology speeds up the copying process by only copying clusters and sectors that contain data. However, in some cases, such as high-security environments, it may be desirable to copy all clusters and sectors in their original layout, whether or not they contain data. Make sure that this option is unchecked.

Please refer to the document linked below for more information on creating an image and configuring the advanced settings:

Title: 'How to manually create a Norton Ghost 9.0 backup image'
Document ID: 2004072912485162
> Web URL: click here

Please note that the advanced options are mentioned in the step 12 in the document provided above.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Arun Senthil
Symantec Authorized Technical Support

I uninstalled SpyBot. I have no idea what PepiMH Software is. Disabling SmartSector Copying means that the whole of the Partition is Imaged rather than just the content, daft, but I went along with it.

Made no difference whatsoever. Did the first DVD and did nothing at all to the second!

Another piece of useless stuff.

Perhaps putting it all on here may help some poor soul at some time.

  Ancient Learner 15:31 16 Jun 2005

I've also now discovered that my DVD drive of 12 months old, is not supported by Ghost 2003, so that is that option destroyed.

  bretsky 15:41 16 Jun 2005

Totally agree with sinbad1.

bretsky ;0)

  amonra 16:15 16 Jun 2005

Agree with both of the above, Norton, when it works is good. But when there's trouble --it's a pain in the b*m. Get rid of it.

  sunny staines 10:06 17 Jun 2005

I had your problem got nowhere either, but at least you got a reply even if it was useless I cannot get any reply at all.
will you be continuing with the support person that replied to you?

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