Symantec Ghost 9.0 Recovery Problems

  SURVEY 14:03 01 Apr 2007

Apologies for raising this again but I relly do need some help/advice.

Has anyone any experience of a Ghost Drive recovery? Using the Symantec Recovery Disc I can access the image of my drive that is stored on my external drive but when instructed to state where to restore the image to, the main C drive is not even listed! Symantec warn that drive letters amy well be rearranged (why I ask?) but I have checked the capacity of all the drives it lists but the main c drive is not there so I cannot restore the image.

The main C drive is found by Ghost when doing a back-up so why not on Receovery??

Symantec's 'help' is useless and they will not support my Version 9 (that is not that old!) and will not accept email queries.

After this I shall now ditch the last of my Norton products and switch to Acronis!

Can anyone help me restore my drive and the backups that I already have made with Ghost!

  SURVEY 11:43 03 Apr 2007

Has anyone actually used Ghost v.9.0 to carry out a full image restore? Has anyone else encountered the problem I set out in my first posting here?

I have emailed Symantec but their 3 day response has passed and based on previous experience they will only send a standard scripted reply without actually readig what the problem actually is!

  VoG II 11:50 03 Apr 2007

but I have successfully restored my C drive from the Recovery Environment in Norton Ghost 9.

To be honest I cannot remember exactly what happened but I found the process to be a doddle. I certainly didn't have any difficulty finding the image that I wanted to restore or the C drive to restore it to.

  SURVEY 12:02 03 Apr 2007

VoG - thanks. As I say I have no problem restoring files and foledrs within Windows and indeed within the Recovery environment using the Symantec Recovery disc I can browse the image and see folders and files. It is just when I go to its System restore to restore the complete image that the problem arises. Al drive letters are changed but Symantec warn of this. But by seeing what is on each rdive I can easily locate my image. It is just when I get on to the screen where one enters the location to which the image is to be restored to, there is only one location mentioned and that is the location where the image is; and there is no browse function to find another drive!!

I did wonder if the problem could be a conflict with my external drives where the images are held - both are Western Digital 160GB and 500GB but if they are recognised to take images and indeed to restore files etc there is no logical reason why they are not recognised for a full restore.

When you really need to beable to restore an image, the program seems to have let me down! I have subsequently managed to get my computer back working normally but I need to reslove thsi as at some stage I will need to restore an image. I may have to look at Acronis TI as I have little faith now in Ghost.

  SURVEY 17:07 03 Apr 2007

I have just received a resopnse from Western Digital as these are the external drives that I use. They know of no conflict between Ghost 9.0 and WD drives. However they did say 'The real issue may be that the internal drive is a SATA drive and when you boot to restore onto it not SATA controller drivers are installed for the drive to be detected as a destination drive by Ghost.'

Can anyone help here or comment. My Mesh Main Drive Properties state it has a Promise 1+0 Stripe/RAID SCSI. Do I need SATA Drivers and if so where from to allow Ghost to read the drive. However surely Ghost must be able to read the drive to be able to take an image and indeed allow me to restore files and folders - just not restore the complete image. HELP

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