Sygate Personal Firewall (Autorun Problem)

  David-292376 16:19 03 Jan 2008

When I start my system (Winxp) it keeps coming up if I want to allow this C:\Documents and settings\David\Localsettings\Temp\ir_ext_temp_6\Autorun.Exe from the Sygate Firewall.
I have tried saying no and I have tried saying yes and it still keeps coming up.
How do I stop this from happening

  mfletch 17:48 03 Jan 2008

Hi As a precautionary measure I would run your Antivirus program and a good Antispyware program {one at a time}

If you want you can download this FREE and very good Antispyware Program,

SAS click here

SAS Superantispyware please check for any up dates before you do a full scan,

Let us know what it finds,


  David-292376 20:01 03 Jan 2008

I ran my antivirus and SAS, the only thing that came up was tracking cookies on the SAS.
Any other help please

  mfletch 13:24 04 Jan 2008

Hi, There is not a lot of info on your problem,

But it looks like a Temp file is trying to access the Internet,

Try Ccleaner and delete temp files etc

There is a user guide

click here


  David-292376 14:10 04 Jan 2008

I went to the temp folder and found two folders named _ir_tmpfnt_1, CTJBNS both empty
I also found another folder named 'ir_ext_temp_0' with a file named 'Autorun' in it.
I tried to delete 'Autorun' but access denied came up so I put it in safe mode and deleted it from there.
When I restarted the system it was back in the Temp folder.
I still keep having Sygate asking me to allow C:\Documents and settings\David\Localsettings\Temp\ir_ext_temp_6\Autorun.Exe

  mfletch 14:32 04 Jan 2008

Hi, Is there a folder in your Documents and settings with the Autorun.Exe,

Have you got a private folder {locked}

Like I said there is not a lot of info on the problem


  mfletch 14:38 04 Jan 2008

Hi, Also have you considered changing your firewall as your;s must be well out of date know,


  David-292376 15:54 04 Jan 2008

I have run Ccleaner and it is still there and wont delete unless I put it in safe mode.
If I keep having that autorun.exe keep cropping up the firewall wont make any difference, the file will allways be there.
I always thought the Sygate Firewall was OK.
What other info can I give you.
Many Thanks for trying to help me out

  mfletch 16:35 04 Jan 2008

Hi, Have you checked to see if you have a CD or DVD Disc loaded?

Also found this,

If autorun.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Documents and Settings" then the security rating is 36% dangerous. File size is 863744 bytes (33% of all occurrence), 3793920 bytes, 16384 bytes. autorun.exe is a file without information about the maker of this file

So what we have to find out is what is ir_ext_temp_6

Click start

Click Run

Type in the box services.msc

Click OK

Is there a reference to Autorun.Exe ir_ext_temp_6

If yes left click on the entry and it may give you a description of what it is on the left,


  mfletch 16:39 04 Jan 2008

Hi, You could also use this to try and find out,


click here


  David-292376 21:12 04 Jan 2008

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I have no CD loaded.
I looked for references in services.msc and found none, also I downloaded the 'AutoRuns for Windows v8.73' and found nothing.

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