Sygate personal firewall

  Hornblower 08:43 21 Jun 2004

Those of you who use the above firewall - do you have any problems sending e mail?

I have just started using it in preference to Zonealarm (as a trial) and the only problem I've found is that to send e mails (using Outlook 2000) I have to disable it.

Picking up mail is not an issue and I've gone through the settings/permissions to allow Outlook access.

Any ideas anyone? (I know, I know, go back to Zonealarm - but I want to give this a shot first!)

Could my wireless router (Netgear) be having a say in all this?


  jon2 10:11 21 Jun 2004

an email to Sygate would soon clear up things for you, I have used this software for some time and have had no problems

  Hornblower 10:16 21 Jun 2004

Thanks jon2, I'll give it a go.

  Valvegrid 10:17 21 Jun 2004

No problems at all at my end. When I first installed Sygate, it asked if I want to give OE6 permission to access the internet, I said yes, and off it went doing it's job.

I'm running sygate and zone alarm plus Avast anti virus with everything set at high aprt from sygate thats set at normal and have no probs e-mailing on either msn or btyahoo. I like sygate it has some good features like the track back i've had the chance to report a couple of dickeads who have tried and failed to access my comp.

  Hornblower 11:46 21 Jun 2004

Yes - I've also looked at trace back whilst trying to find out why I can't send e mails. Looks handy.

I've now found that I can't do a speedtest on ADSLGuide with it on also I couldn't place a bid on e bay. Very strange that some sites are accesible and other not? Getting to e bay wasn't a problem, nor browsing through, but "no!" to bidding.

Same story with ADSLGuide - browse fine, but no test (test failed).

Sygate back on now and postings are getting through! (If you can read this....!)

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