Sygate Pers.firewall message. What does it mean?

  Pappyon 17:20 05 Mar 2003

I didn't bother much about firewalls, and antivirus programs before I got broadband, and know next to nothing about them.

I have been told they are more necessary with broadband, so I installed Sygate Personal Firewall (Free version).

What does the following pop-up mean please?

"Application Generic Host process for Win 32 services has been blocked. File name is Sychost.exe."

This message appears frequently when I am on the Internet.

Please keep it simple for a thicko!

  Terrahawk 17:26 05 Mar 2003

Sychost is a windows system file trying to access the internet which your firewall has blocked what its purpose is i dont know ill leave that bit to someone in the know

  matt5705 17:27 05 Mar 2003

well i use sygate and it is good free version there should be a tray icon of 2 arrows right click on it click on logs sycurity logs if its there search for the file name on your computer
but the only problem is broadband may be setting it off if it has an option to say yes or no click no or yes and click on the box that says rember rule

  MartinT-B 17:32 05 Mar 2003

Do you mean SVCHOST.EXE?

I can't find ant ref to Sychost.exe in google and it asks me if I mean sVchost.

This is a (and I quote)
Process File: svchost or svchost.exe
Process Name: Service Host Process
Description: The Service Host Process is generic host process for services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs)

Why not tell Sygate to allow it access to the Internet, or block it entirely?

You should also be able to tel Sygate not to keep bothering you with pop-ups messages once you have set a rule about an application.

I prefer ZoneAlarm. It was up-dated 3 days ago to version 3.7.098

  powerless 17:41 05 Mar 2003

Every Program that wants access to the internet has to go through your firewall. Your firewall intercepts this connection and does not allow it access. Thats when it asks you for your input.

If you want to allow then allow.

If you dont want to allow it then dont allow.

Any prgram on your computer that requires access to the internet will go through the firewall and then your firewall will ask you do you want it access to the internet.

For example your Internet Explorer will ask and you should allow it access. If you do not you will not be allowed you surf the web.

Most progrmas that require access to the internet are obvious, some (in the is case) are not.

click here for a description of svchost.exe Its ok to allow it access.

If you are unsure what a program is that is trying to access the internet then do not allow it...

Then click here put in the information that your firewall tells you and then have a read.

If your unsure just pop back in her and someone should be able to tell you weather it is ok to allow it access.

  Pappyon 19:03 05 Mar 2003

My apologies. Especially to Martin T-B, It is Svchost, and not Sychost. Would you say Zone Alarm is better, or maybe easier for a thicko to understand?

As I said this is like a foreign language to me.

I simply haven't a clue!

  ellas 19:12 05 Mar 2003

hi pappyon I use zonealarm on 1 machine sygate on the other and in my opinion the recent version of za is better and easier for a novice.

  MartinT-B 09:52 06 Mar 2003

Get Zonealarm

click here;JSESSIONID_ZL_STORE_COMMERCE=2nYLhDHDJrABruBRvqZ3fFdSDSyndvdFMB78SZZb3iMOmzuT1HZY!-2146515489!173109957!7511!7512?namespace=zls_main&origin=global.jsp&event=link.skuList&&zl_catalog_view_id=201&lid=nav_db

or click here

Once saved to your PC as zaSetup_37_098.exe do the following:

1) go to control panel - add/remove programs and uninstall Sygate.

2) install Zonealarm

3) PC will auto reboot

4) follow the Zone alarm tutorial

5) come back if you have any more questions :)

  MartinT-B 09:53 06 Mar 2003

Ignore 1st link - didn't think is would work :)

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