Sygate 5.5.2525 Install Problems

  Jester2K 18:35 04 Feb 2004

Following on from click here

I have now discovered that un-installing the old 2516 version and rebooting and installing the 2525 version works OK.

Except i loose all my permissions which is very annoying. I wouldn't might if it was just me but with two kids who use the 'net & it's a pain to have to keep running upstairs to click Yes, No etc every time they do something for the first time again... Even worse when i'm out and get a phone call every 5 - 10 mins....

  dazzling 19:03 04 Feb 2004

odd that jester i had the free one and loaded the pro version over the top with no problems and it kept all my permissions.darren

  powerless 19:06 04 Feb 2004

"Pre-Configure for Child use" - Click Yes.

  Jester2K 19:11 04 Feb 2004

dazzling - yes it normally does keep the settings but in this case i can't install over the top (as per the other post) and have to uninstall (hence loosing the old settings) and install from scratch.

Powerless - never seen this setting (in 4 versions of Sygate)

  powerless 19:15 04 Feb 2004

Its a Misc setting that has DIY attatched to it ;-))

What I mean is run all of the progies that the kiddies will use and also what you use. If a popup does...popup; then interogate them.

  Jester2K 19:33 04 Feb 2004

Ah - thats kinda what i want to avoid.

Ideally i want to fix the problem but it looks like tomorrow will have to uninstall and reinstall and reset the permissions as per Powerless...

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