Swopping drives over

  Pooke 11:56 26 Jul 2005

Primary master is my hdd, the slave is a dvd rom and the secondry master is my dvd re writer.

I wanna buy one of the recommended dvd writers in the PCA mag, can I just pull out the dvd rom drive and swop over to the new one. I think the DVD ROM drives days are numbered anyway, funny noises and all that.

Which means I'd have two dvd rewriters.


  igk 12:06 26 Jul 2005

Its not a good idea to have an optical drive on the same IDE cable as your hard drive as it can slow things down quite a bit,its always best if you keep it for a second hard drive(as slave)get yourself a IDE ribbon cable with two connectors on it(you may already have this)and put both dvd/optical drives on it (1 as master & 1 as slave)onto your secondary IDE connection on your mobo...hope this helps...

  Pooke 12:22 26 Jul 2005

it does thanks, click here

the pca mag recommends the B model. I think the A model is better for the £1.23 difference.

  Danoh 12:52 26 Jul 2005

DVD readers usually have a higher read speed/throughput then writers. So if you have a reader as the 2nd (slave) optical device on your 2nd IDE channel/cable, it is more probably that you could do straight CD->CD-R / DVD->DVD-R copies. Another option, another conundrum!

  Pooke 13:25 26 Jul 2005

This is getting confusing now. By the time I come back from work I'll have bought the new dvd rewriter.

That'll be 2 dvd rewriters, a dvd rom and an hdd to connect up. How do I do it correctly. The way it stands now, see my first post, is the way the local shop built the PC.

Originally I was just going to take out the dvd rom, and replace it with the new writer.

Thanks for any advice.


  Danoh 13:36 26 Jul 2005

Your local shop should ideally have had the HDD on the 1st channel/cable on its own, attached to the master device connector. The 2 optical drives should be on the 2nd channel/cable with the writer as the master and the DVD reader as the slave.

The data throughput capability of HDDs would be lowered to the optical drive's if one was attached.

So if you must have the newer DVD writer, then that should replace your existing DVD writer as the master device on the 2nd channel/cable.

Which only leaves you with a decision to have either of your two original optical drives as the slave; the DVD writer or DVD-ROM reader.

If there is nothing wrong with the DVD-ROM and it has a faster read speed then the DVD writer, stick that on as the slave. It is not easy to be able to write successfully to 2 optical devices at the same time, so there is little advantage in having 2 writers configured. But if your DVD ROM reader is on its last legs, then just use your existing DVD writer instead.

Hope thats clearer?

  Danoh 13:39 26 Jul 2005

To be explicit; your existing DVD writer or DVD ROM reader as the slave on the 2nd/secondary cable, with the new DVD writer as the master on the same 2nd cable.

  Danoh 13:45 26 Jul 2005

Having a fast read speed on another optical device improves the reliability of direct CD->CD-R or DVD->DVD-R copying without having to store an interim copy on HDD first.

  Pooke 00:04 27 Jul 2005

Thanks Danoh. That's what I'll do. The hdd on it's own as master and the new lg dvd writer as master and the liteone drive as slave. many thanks

sorry for the late reply im not long in from work, I'll be straight back if I encounter problems though!


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