Switching to XP Home Edition from 98 FE

  ukthesis 21:56 29 Sep 2006

In October, I am swopping over from Windows 98 first edition to XP Home Edition. This will mean starting from the start with a blank hard drive, I believe. What are the steps I take before inserting the XP Home Edition disc in the CD drive?

  STREETWORK 21:58 29 Sep 2006

Why not just buy the upgrade version?

Check that all your hardware will work with xp by visiting each manufactures website. Some hardware may not work with xp

  Strawballs 23:36 29 Sep 2006

What are the spec's of your machine?

  ade.h 00:00 30 Sep 2006

click here for the typical "claimed" minimum specification. In reality, MS did with XP what it has usually done - understated the requirements. I can only assume that it tests all its OSs in Safe Mode! Real-world figures seem to be around 256MB (but it likes more), an 8-10GB hard-disk, a 1Ghz CPU, and probably 32MB of graphics RAM. Nobody ever ran an OS with no software...

  ukthesis 20:06 30 Sep 2006

No, I have the basic specs. I just wanted to know what actually happens. I have been advised that I should start from scratch. Save all my files then wipe clean the hard drive then stick in the XP Home Edition disc. But someone said that this is all done for me when I insert the XP disc. I don't need to worry about how to wipe clean my hard drive, for example, since the XP disc does this for me. Is this how it goes?

  ade.h 21:14 30 Sep 2006

Save your files, yes. But do not format the drive yet; you can take this option - with a bit of hoop jumping - when you start the XP installation. It is not done for you though.

  ukthesis 21:39 30 Sep 2006

So what do I do? I have a XP Home Edition disc in front of me, my PC is switched on. What's next?

  ade.h 22:11 30 Sep 2006

Just follow the prompts - you'll find it all quite self-explanatory. You'll may want to delete the orginal partition first - which you can do with a few confirmations - then choose to make a FULL format using NTFS. That's it basically.

  Strawballs 22:15 30 Sep 2006

You need to put your disc in and reboot the machine and if it does not give you the option to press any key to bot from disc you have to go into the bios by pressing usually del key during start up (not always look out for press key to enter set up, but it will be quick) and change the boot order to boot from CD Rom first and reboot again and follow instruction.

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