Switching on Query Windows XP

  Ankermi31 08:51 27 Jul 2005

Operating Windows XP Have set this out the way I do things!
(a) Switch on computer
(b) Windows XP Logo appears with the blue blocks running across the box underneath Logo.
(c) This goes ax about 6/7 times
(d) Logo screen disappears then returns and it then runs the "blue blocks" for another couple of times
(e) Desktop appears.

Is there a problem or is this normal procedures? Please reply with no techn. jargon because I (of the fairer sex) will not understand what to do.


  [email protected]® 09:52 27 Jul 2005
  Ankermi31 16:38 27 Jul 2005

Many [email protected]®
That little lot will keep me amused for a while!

The only new programme put on the system is actually one of the PC Advisor disc for September issue and it the National Geographic one.

Will uninstall it and then re install out of interest sake. If nothing works will do the restore as it suggests.

Will be back if necessary Meanwhile thanks again

  ventanas 16:56 27 Jul 2005

Looks like the only thing you're missing is the Welcome screen. If you pc has only one user account, and that doesn't have a password, you will automatically log on and go straight to the desktop, which it seems is happening to you.

To make the Welcome screen appear you need to log on as administrator, Open User Accounts in Control Panel and click Change the way Users Log On. Cancel any warning about offline files and simpy select Use the Welcome Screen.

  Ankermi31 21:01 27 Jul 2005

Got two adminstrators.
However have checked what you say and it is all set up correctly including the home page.

Arill getting 2 screens on log in and then the desktop. Have off loaded the Nat.Geo.software but problem still there.

Have scan disc, degraged, cookies and temp files are deleted automatically and history every other day. Virus scan clear and spyware all ok

  ventanas 08:46 28 Jul 2005

Sorry, you've lost me. I don't see what a "home page" has to do with this. But, do you get a screen that invites to click on a user name and then type a password after the blue scroll bar has finished, or does the pc just go straight into Windows. In your first post you said that the only screen you see is that with this scroller, but now you state that you have two screens on login. I'm just a bit confused I'm afraid.

Also do you mean you have one administrator account and one user account with admin rights? If so does this user account have a password?

The Nat Geog program will have absolutely nothing to do with any problems you may have, and you can safely put it back.

The options for startup and login are many and varied, so we do need to know exactly what happens when you switch on.

  Ankermi31 08:59 28 Jul 2005

.... do you get a screen that invites to click on a user name and then type a password after the blue scroll bar has finished,

Sorry to have confused you. Its the above which I have

2 Administrators. NO passwords we just click on our individual name and it takes us to the desk top. Everything else is working fine. I just wondered why it had suddenly flipped.

Sorry for the confusion.

  ventanas 10:02 28 Jul 2005

This is perfectly normal if the account does not have a password, and you have chosen to show the Welcome screen.

How did it behave before because I do not see a problem here?

  Ankermi31 14:43 28 Jul 2005

Before hand it was just the screen came up with the "blue blocks" which ticked over and then went through to the desk top.

Now it is breaking if thats the word and the blue blocks go across the screen flicks as if going to desk top but comes back with the windows xp logo and more blue blocks!

  ventanas 17:13 28 Jul 2005

OK, I see it now, and I have seen this before, on quite a number of machines. I just assume its loading something which causes the process to pause, and then carries on. I have always ignored it.

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