Switching on, monitor, and switch off problems

  de_de 10:47 03 Sep 2005

I'm trying to help my mate out with his PC, although I have not physically had a go, or physically seen the problem. This is what he describes:

1) Sometimes when he presses the power on button, the whole system does'nt power up.

2) Sometimes when he presses the power on button, the PC starts up, but the monitor does'nt switch on.

3) Sometimes the PC and monitor power up normally, only for the system to switch off with no warning 5 minutes later.

He said he's checked every connection for loose connections and wires, and all seems OK.

For the record its and oldish Hewlett Packard system from about 2001 running Windows ME. I don't know any specific details yet.

Any pointers to get us started sorting the problems would be most appreciated.

I will see him later, armed with all your suggestions, and have a go sorting it.

I'll be back on later to report our findings. thanks again.

  AndySD 11:37 03 Sep 2005

Unplug all the usb cables first,

  de_de 08:55 05 Sep 2005

Still the same wih no USB. I now have the PC in my posession, so can ellaborate a bit more. It's a HP pavillion 7920, AMD 900 duron processor, Asus A7V-ML mobo.

This is what is happening now:

1) Switch on at the mains...green led comes on power supply. Very slight squealing noise comes off power supply then stops.

2) Press the on/off switch on front of PC and green led goes off on power supply. Nothing alse happens at all..no fans..no nowt.

3) Switch mains OFF at wall, and there is a burst off life for about 1/2 a second. It genuinly trys to start..all fans kick in, leds on front come on, and led on power supply comes on.

Strange eh! My mate swapped the power supply and said it was just the same. I really thought it was that, but no. For the record its a Delta DPS-120AB-1 A PSU.

I don't know whats wrong. Personally i'd get a new PC as this is ancient, but it's not me. I respect his wishes and will try and help him get it fixed.

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 05 Sep 2005

Overload dragging PSU down.
Short to case or simular.

remove board from case lay on paper attatch PSU, 1 stick of ram G card(if req) and 1 HDD. Short across "power on" pins (the ones the case switch connect to) on MBoard from a split second and should power on.

  de_de 10:44 05 Sep 2005

Cheers i'll give it a go

  de_de 11:54 05 Sep 2005

Did exactly as you said fruitbat, but still the same. Any more ideas?

  de_de 14:00 06 Sep 2005

I've traced the problem to the PSU. It works OK with a much bigger 400W PSU. Thanks for the help.

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