Switching from Link Sys Router to Gigabyte

  mhurford 22:43 26 Oct 2010

Hi, i need some advice on switching from a linkysys WRT54GSV4 to a gigabyte GN BR32L-RH router, ive tried just installing the new router as per the instructions but to no avail. abit of a technology noob here so is there anything major im likely to miss?

It sends out a signal to my computer and i can create a network that appears and can be found by other computers but no internet comes through whatsoever.

Please ask for any extra information you need as i dont really know what to put here. Thanks in advance to those more technologically blessed than me!

  Strawballs 04:22 27 Oct 2010

Unplug your modem, your PC and Router from mains leave about 10min first plug your modem back in and leave a few min untill ready light has settled, then plug the router back in and leave a few min then plug PC back in and switch on (leave them all connected together during this proccess) and see if that helps.

  mhurford 09:17 27 Oct 2010

Ok i will try when im back from work today thanks for the advice.

  mhurford 02:04 28 Oct 2010

im still having a problem, do i need to do anything to uninstall my old router or change any codes anywhere to match the two routers together?

  Strawballs 04:11 29 Oct 2010

No you should not need to do that as no software should be on your PC to do with the router, the router is just a gateway to internet

  mgmcc 07:46 29 Oct 2010

Run IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window. Go to “Start > Run”, type…

cmd.exe /k ipconfig /all

...and press Enter. This will show details of all network adapters installed in the PC. Right click in the Command Prompt window, "Select All" and press Enter to copy the details to the clipboard. Paste the details into a forum reply here.

If you are unable to paste the details directly from the computer, because it cannot get online, paste them instead into a blank "Notepad" file, transfer the file to a working PC and copy/paste the details from there. It might just give an indication as to what the problem is.

  mhurford 11:32 29 Oct 2010

finally sorted it thank you for your help, however as far as i can see the problem in my house that i wanted to solve (lack of signal strength and reliability) i upgraded from a G router to an N router and as far as i can see across the house the reliability is still questionable.

is there anything i can do to improve this? ive tried as much as possible to move the router away from any metal and to centralise it as much as possible but due to my setup its quite hard.

I also use a similar frequency wireless headset which i am aware does not help but theres nothing i can do about that so any small tips to boost in any way possible would be appreciated

  Strawballs 04:24 02 Nov 2010

You could try home plug networking which uses the house wireingclick here

  mhurford 09:36 02 Nov 2010

Credit for your helpfulness Strawballs but i have already looked at that option and the cost is very high and since most of my internet use is wireless (4 wireless laptops) the viability of having cables plugged in for internet seems defeatist in my eyes.

Or can you you can plug another router in to the other side of the plug to boost signal? If you can thats great, but then that requires another router and these plugs ££££££!

is there any way i can boost the signal of this new device? at the moment it looks like my only option is to move the router to another point in the house and buy 3 very long cables to plug each computer in and attach it to the modem in order to gain better positioning unless theres any obvious signal boosting options im missing?

Thanks again for all your help!

  mgmcc 11:06 02 Nov 2010

>>> i upgraded from a G router to an N router and
>>> as far as i can see across the house the
>>> reliability is still questionable.

Are you also using 'N' adapters in the computer(s)? If not, you won't be realising the enhanced performance of 802.11n

>>> Or can you you can plug another router in to
>>> the other side of the plug to boost signal?

You can plug a "Cable/DSL" router (which doesn't incorporate a Modem) into the remote Homeplug but, if you need to share Files/Printers with a computer connected to the main router, you'd be better using a stand-alone "Wireless Access Point". Alternatively, there are "wireless" Homeplugs and one of these would let you connect wirelessly in the remote location.

  mhurford 12:32 02 Nov 2010

Yes i am, im using a new Macbook Pro with n router and have noticed a minimal gain, any tips would be greatly appreciated,

are there any ad-hoc signal boosters i can make at home which actually work?

i tried the wind surfer but as far as i could see it actually reduced signal...maybe i made it wrong!

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