Switching from headphones to interior speakers in laptop?

  Triprajul 01:47 18 Jun 2011


My wife does Skype with her headphones and microphone combination. After that, she likes to listen to Internet radio on her laptop. However, in order to listen her Internet radio, she has to off-plug her headphones so that the sound will come out her laptop's interior speakers. This solution seems rather low tech. Is there a more efficient way for her to switch from her headphones to the laptop's interior speakers and visa-versa? BTW, her laptop uses Vista Basic home edition. Any information given is greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 08:33 18 Jun 2011

The Jack (socket) on the Laptop is designed so that when a Jack Plug is inserted, the connection to the speakers is broken by physically opening a link to the speakers. As this is a mechanical process, the speakers cannot function until the headphones have been unplugged to restore the connection to them.

As the quality of many Laptop on-board speakers is often inferior to even the cheapest of headphones, one solution might be to get a two-way Jack connector and a set of small external speakers with their own volume control. She could then have both external speakers and headphones connected simultaneously, turning down the speaker volume if necessary when on a Skype call.

  eedcam 09:11 18 Jun 2011

You could use an external USB sound card that will take both mike and H/phones less tha a fiver and there are several to choose from /She still may have to switch inputs in the laptop .But no unplugging would be needed and those jack points are pretty flinmsylink text

  eedcam 09:22 18 Jun 2011

Oh by internal switching I meant in audio devices nowt complicated just choosing the relevant sound card, Also no drivers or owt needed just plug and play

  eedcam 11:20 18 Jun 2011

Amazon site here is the link again link text

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