Switching Hard Disks

  Jamesy 17:28 11 Jan 2003
  Jamesy 17:28 11 Jan 2003

I've recently purchased a new hard disk and plan to swap it with my new one, after having retrieved a large amount of files off the old one. How would I best go about doing this? I've heard of Norton Ghost, but as far as I know that only makes an exact copy of one disk to another, and I certainly don't want that as this disk is fragmented to hell, and I only want select files off it. I want to start afresh with the new drive. Would it work if I installed the new HDD along with the old one, being sure to set the new one as slave for now, configuring it and then booting up into windows, then installing XP on the new drive from CD, then transferring the files across that i want to keep, then removing the old drive and setting the new one as master in it's place? That's the only way I can think to do it. Any simpler ideas?

  1st RHA 17:33 11 Jan 2003

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  Rayuk 18:11 11 Jan 2003

Instal new drive as master and disconnect old one instal Xp then instal old drive as slave and copy over files/folders youu want then reformat so you can use it for your data storage

  closhty 19:59 11 Jan 2003

got here to late, enuf said

  pienter 20:01 11 Jan 2003

In the February edition of PCAdvisor an answer was given in the readers' letters section recommending the downloading and saving of updates/patches for Windows 98 from a support.microsoft.com address.
Unfortunately my ISP reports that this address is inaccessible, with or without a www prefix. If I try to get the downloads via the support tab on click here I am led to an update section which insists on checking out my current configuration and fails to list the updates which I would need to supplement my basic Win98 disk after June when Microsoft cease to support Windows 98.

How can I download the updates such as SP2 for permanent availability on a CD?

They way I would (And have) gone about it is similar to your suggestion, but slightly different....

Remove Old HDD from PC and while you are at it, set the jumper to SLave (you will need to later anyway).

Install new HDD as MASTER and install XP onto it.

Now reinstall old HDD as slave and then reboot.

XP will boot from new drive and the old one will be fully accessable from my computer.

One point to watch - file sharing and security, Make sure that you do not have file protection enabled and permissions set as this will prevent you accessing your old data. If you drag and drop all the files you need into "Shared Folder" before removing the old disk you will be fine and have just one file to access to get at your data.

After transfer, run a format on the old drive from "My computer" and you have a clean sparkling machine!

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