switching from dialup to b/band and back

  Dasmad 22:14 01 Oct 2007

I visit people with broadband access by wifi sometimes, and find that both firefox and outlook express fail to realise that I am connected by a LAN cable to their broadband. I'm sure this must be due to some box not checked or unchecked in one of the dialogs, but so far failed to resolve the confusion - can someone tell me how ?

  woodchip 22:21 01 Oct 2007

It's nothing to do with how you are connected. But if you want to get Mail you have to create an account unless you are using your own comp, then Set the Pop server for your mail in your account. That's the benefit of Web mail you can get it anywhere. If you just want to collect mail on your PC then you need to change the Pop Server for your account, you will have to change it back for your home connection

  Ashrich 22:29 01 Oct 2007

It all works from Internet Explorer , under tools/internet options/connections tick the box " never dial a connection " also have a look in Firefox ..tools/options/advanced and look under the " network " tab , tick " direct connection " and make sure the LAN connection is set to " Obtian an IP address automatically , the same for " DNS Server " . If you use dial up as well , you can still have these settings by dragging your dial up connection to the desktop and connect by clicking on it and pressing the " connect " button before opening any browser or email program , it will be making a connection first so the other programs will behave the same as if they had a broadband connection .


  Ashrich 22:31 01 Oct 2007

That should say " obtain " not obtian !!


  DJ-Garry 22:59 01 Oct 2007

If I change PC's on my BB cable I have to reboot the modem so it assigns the correct IP address. It then knows I'm connected.

  Dasmad 12:53 02 Oct 2007

no it's not just a question of email - obviously it needs a new account, it's the browsing; but I appreciate all your pointers "Ashleyrich", and hope to check it out soon. just as an aside, what does a "1394 connection" do for me ?

  ambra4 13:23 02 Oct 2007

All you have to do is just make a new connection for the modem

Lan and modem is total difference set- up leave LAN setting alone

And just make a new connection

Start-Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard-Next

Connect to Internet-Next-Set up connection manually-next

Connect using a dial up connection-next-ISP name-(Vigin)-next

Phone # to access ISP via dial up-User name & Password- untick make this the default internet connection-next

Tick Add a shortcut desktop for this connection-Finish

You can how double click icon desktop and click connect and you modem will dial up your ISP make sure that you connect a cable from the telephone line to the modem port

Just like the old days of dial up

Lan card is only used for broadband access & local networking

  ambra4 13:29 02 Oct 2007

Try this an see if you can access other system using there lan connection

The dial up setting is if broadband is not available

Click-Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard

Select-Connect to the Internet-Next

Select-Set Up My Connection Manually-Next

Select-Connect using a broadband connection that is always on


  woodchip 15:19 02 Oct 2007

If they use a router you have to put there SSID and Encryption key plus user in to your WiFi settings. That is all you should need do if it's a Wireless Router

  Ashrich 16:13 02 Oct 2007

A 1394 connection is just for Firewire ( Sony i-link ) it can be used for file transfers , but nobody does ..


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