switching off computer

  Santha 19:37 11 Jun 2009

Whilst on working on computer, it just switches off and then restarts, why does this happen??I could I fix this problem, thank you

  johndrew 19:47 11 Jun 2009

It could be a temperature problem. Download Everest Home Edition (free) click here and run it to see what temperatures you have. Select `Computer` then `Sensor` to see the various temperatures.

When you have the information, post back with details of your PC; especially CPU manufacturer and type.

  Terminus90 20:09 11 Jun 2009

It could also be a virus if you are not protected and surf the internet. If you are not, then click here and get protected for free.

  birdface 21:39 11 Jun 2009

It could also be your air vents that are full of dust and fluff if so inside would also need cleaning.

  antony.dandrea 10:11 01 Jul 2009

Yh this is a textbook example of over heating. Check that the vents are all clear. It maybe necassary to take the casing off to make sure u can clear the vents totally. Also make sure that there is room for ventilation where your computer is situated. Most heat is carried away by convection currents, however if these are blocked, then they cant carry it away.

  Strawballs 22:30 02 Jul 2009

Could be that you need to remove CPU fan and clear dust from heatsink finns.

This is done by removing the 4 small screws on the fan and using a soft brush and careful use of vacumme clear dust then replace fan and side case and see what if that has improved the problem

  Stuartli 21:31 11 Jul 2009

In the recent exceptionally hot weather, a computer system's cooling fans would be operating in an already high ambient temperature.

  DieSse 14:30 12 Jul 2009

You may have got a BSOD (Blue Screen error), and your system is set to restart if you get one such.

In which case you can turn of the restarting, and look at what the actual error is. Look in

Control Panel - System - Advanced - Start up and Recovery settings - untick "Automatically Restart" in the System Failure settings

  2bathred 21:56 12 Jul 2009

Beware removing CPU fan. a) it is not neccessary as the fins can be blown clean with compressed air can and more importantly b) the fan is mated to the CPU with thermal paste so this would have to be renewed.

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