To switch off wireless modem router or not

  countryboy 17:00 28 Jul 2006

Should I switch off my router when I'm not using it or should I just leave it powered up and connected 24/7, any comments?

  FelixTCat 17:31 28 Jul 2006


Is it an adsl modem router?

I used to switch mine off every night and then back on in the morning, but I found that my broadband download speed suffered.

I'm on a Max broadband and get much higher speeds when I leave it on all the time; however, I am some distance from the exchange and my connection may be marginal.

If it's an ordinary router, save power and switch it off.



  LAP 17:44 28 Jul 2006

Mines on all the time, never had a problem.

  countryboy 20:44 29 Jul 2006

Yes it is an adsl modem router, and at the moment I leave it on all the time. Just thinking of the cost.

  irishrapter 21:05 29 Jul 2006

Is it WEP encrypted or WPA?

If its WEP then I would turn it off when not needed.

  ade.h 21:49 29 Jul 2006

It is not the cost that is cause for concern, but the heat generation (particularly in hot weather or a poorly ventilated location) and whether it is sufficient to cause some instability. Just as you would experience with an overheating PC.

  rupie 01:30 30 Jul 2006

there are enviromental arguments about things on standby all the time but start up does put units under stress, produce power surges and in crease componant failure which is also bad for the envioroment, Some of these small units do generate what would appear to be a reletively large amounts of heat, for their size. Keeping them well ventilated(even stuff at home) is vital. I work with units that have been 'on' for 10 years and generally electronics fail, or loose settings, when they recieve the surge of a power up. My personal view is to keep hardware on. My home stereo generally stays on and after 16yrs it still sounds great!! my music and my sons !

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:27 30 Jul 2006

The is no good reason to leave anything on when not needed. Modern electronics are not harmed by being switched on and off in normal use. Switching repeatedly may well cause harm, normal switching on and off once or twice a day will not. Leaving things switched on 24/7 is totally unnecessary waste.

  countryboy 16:29 30 Jul 2006

Thanks for all your comments, I think its time to turn it off at night, many thanks

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