On/Off switch socket on motherboard

  Charence 00:49 03 Nov 2004


I'm (at last) upgrading my computer's motherboard and some other bits on it. But I've noticed that the existing socket which looks like this

.:::::: : but the socket on the other motherboard is like this ::::::::::

What is the best solution in this scenario? Is it possible to get some sort of adapter?

Many Thanks!


  Diemmess 09:31 03 Nov 2004

Straining my eyes to do a pin count it seems that one socket is 9 x 2 with gaps included and the other is 10 x 2?

Either which way you need the manual.

Guessing, (and easy for me because it won't be my mobo in trouble)........... the function of the switch is merely to close a low voltage circuit on the motherboard. If so then all but 2 of those pins are irrelevant and polarity doesn't matter.

So in my head, would simply plug it in anyway and see what happens. That is MY theory...... perhaps someone else will confirm this or shout NO DONT!

  pj123 10:32 03 Nov 2004

What is the name of the new Motherboard?

  Charence 17:58 03 Nov 2004

Old board is a MSI MS-6119 1.1A

The socket on MS-6119 is 9x2 with gaps, the socket on ASUS is 10x2 with no gaps

  pj123 18:10 03 Nov 2004

Well both m/b's look like they are ATX although the MS6119 only takes a Pentium 2 processor up to 450mhz. click here

And the Cusl2 also seems to be an ATX form factor but not getting much more info from these links.

click here

  Rayuk 18:36 03 Nov 2004

Are we talking about the power supplyconnector here or the bank of pins for harddrive led on/off switch etc?

  woodchip 18:45 03 Nov 2004

If you need to connect the plugs for power and reset buttons etc the plugs should be separate and it should say on the side of the plugs what they are like PW for power HDD for the Hard Drive led etc if it's a half decent MOBO and you look close at the side of the pins it will say what goes where. On the Other-hand if it’s a computer case from a name make like Dell etc the plugs and the original motherboard may be custom made so the power and reset may be in a moulded plug, that makes it more difficult

  Dorsai 18:49 03 Nov 2004

to me it looks like the bank of connectors that do:

restart switch, HDD activity light, On/Off switch, pc speaker, etc.

All i can suggest is hold off till you know for sure what goes where. Get it wrong, and you may need another new board.

more resaerch required to see which pins are what on both old and new mobo.

  Charence 18:55 03 Nov 2004

The computer's a NEC. The connector includes things such as Power LED, HDD LED, ATX Power.

I was considering taking wires out of the plug and soldering them onto pins because the pins on the new mobo is labelled with what they do. But on the old one, it doesn't say so, so I don't really know where the wire is meant to go.

Rayuk - its the pins for the on/off switch on the front of the case that you press to bootup.

pj123 - thanks for the link, the CPU on MSI is a PIII 450MHz, but I've got another 1GHz PIII for the ASUS board. I now know I won't have to buy new RAM.

Diemmess - I've had a go at trying to force the plug into socket, but it won't go in because where there are gaps in the above diagram, the plugs been sealed, so pins cannot go in.


  woodchip 18:59 03 Nov 2004

Buy a new cheap case You will have done with the problem

  woodchip 19:04 03 Nov 2004

You will more than likely need a Bigger Power supply anyway if you start fitting extra Hardware as Extra Drive bigger CPU the old one may be in the region of 250 to 300watt only

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