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  morddwyd 08:49 29 Jan 2011

This is such a simple thing that I'm almost ashamed to post, but I'm stumped.

Just changed mobiles and on my previous model, O2 Xda Zest, I had messaging turned off.

Now have a Samsung Galaxy S (Still with O2) but I simply cannot remember, or cannot find, any method of doing the same.

As usual O2 support is non-existent (yes, I know people swear by it) so would appreciate some help.

  northumbria61 10:43 29 Jan 2011

Anything here click here

  morddwyd 10:46 29 Jan 2011

No, but thanks.

  northumbria61 10:46 29 Jan 2011

There's also 2 youtube videos in this list click here

  Woolwell 11:40 29 Jan 2011

I think that the only way maybe to stop the Galaxy messaging is to stop it accessing the O2 message centre. With the Galaxy - Open Messaging and then using the bottom left button will bring up a window with settings. In settings you will see message centre. If you delete the number then the Galaxy will not know how to retrieve messages or send them. The drawback is that you will not receive any alerts from O2.

If you don't like notifications you can set them to be silent.

The problem here is that probably you are in a minority of 1 regarding turning off messaging.

  morddwyd 14:04 29 Jan 2011

Thanks. The trouble is that the O2 Message centre also deals with voicemail, which, of course, I want to keep!

On the Zest there was a discrete O2 number, which you coul use to toggle SMS on and off.

Can't remember what it was though!

Take your point about switching off, but the only messages I ever get are from my bank or O2 telling me what fantastic bargains there are to be had!

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