to switch off or not swtich off router

  lightsoff 22:51 25 Feb 2008

I have a replacement Netgear DG834GT router, which does not have an on/off switch. When I had my original one I used to switch it off at the plug each time after being on net. It broke. An engineer blamed the switching on and off and recommended leaving it on all the time. Other people have said the same.

But, for environmental and cost reasons I do not like leaving it on all the time. What do you think is best, or at least, safely possible? -
1.switching off after use
2 switching off when the computer is going to be off for several hours, eg overnight
3 switching off if going away several days
4 leaving on permanently

Opinions sought. Thanks

  MCE2K5 23:14 25 Feb 2008

1. Switch off after use.

  tullie 15:41 26 Feb 2008

Theres allready a thread in Helproom asking the same question

  lightsoff 17:58 26 Feb 2008

Thanks, but the only thread i've found in first 11 pages of Helproom is one started by Kuching 21 Feb where the one reply says that the settings remain after switching off and back on. But my query is whether I would be damaging the router by switching off and on.

  Tech Guy 17:34 01 Mar 2008

I can tell that you will not damage the router by turning it on and off.

They are designed to be turned on and off.

  tullie 18:02 01 Mar 2008

I turn everything off when ive finished,have done for years,with no ill effects.

  MAJ 09:19 02 Mar 2008

My router is upstais, my PC is downstairs, so I switch it off usually if I'm not going to be using the internet for a few hours and definitely when I'm going out or going to bed at night. Switching on and off a router does not do it any harm.

  Forum Editor 10:31 02 Mar 2008

at the end of each day's work, and have done ever since I started using them. I have never noticed any ill effects.

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