Switch on computer, then restart

  benson68 07:55 17 Mar 2008

Every day, I have to restart the computer after switching on. If I don't, certain things don't work. For instance, this morning the folder in My Favourites wouldn't open, yesterday, delete & backspace didn't work. I think that it may be due to the AVG update?
Can anyone help?

  harps1h 08:17 17 Mar 2008

can you give more details about your system and operating system. I would think however that the avg update is not your source of the problem. however until you give more detail that is all that can be said

  birdface 11:01 17 Mar 2008

Can you do a system restore to a date before you had the problems.

  benson68 12:34 17 Mar 2008

I've got a Compaq Presario, WinXP home, AVG, Zone Alarm, 512 memory, and have had problems with slow running for quite some time. Paid the local computer shop to fix it, but all they did was reinstall WinXP. Things not so slow nowadays, but just this restarting problem, otherwise things don't work as they should.
No probs after a restart.

  harps1h 19:12 17 Mar 2008

looking at the slow issue for a moment, can youtell us how many processes are running when you switch on the computer. to do this press ctrl/alt/del tabs at the same time, then click on the processes tab in the task manager. when there make sure the "show all users" box is ticked. it will tell you how many processes you have running, then post back here.

  woodchip 19:18 17 Mar 2008

If XP, first run Disc Check on the Main Partition Drive, then in run box after the above type

SFC /SCANNOW press enter with XP cd in drive

  benson68 07:32 18 Mar 2008

Hi harps1h
at startup, task manager now shows Forums, New response, Inbox Outlook Express (I've just started up, & gone to OE for your link.)
In processes, there's 39 things listed, but under CPU only Task Manager reads 02, & System Idle reads 98.Everything else is 00.

Last night I tried to download a free program from a computer magazine. 454Mb should have taken 80min at a broadband speed of 1Mb/sec. I've got cable at 2Mb/sec, & after 3 hours 10 min it was 51% completed! I gave up.

I don't have an XP CD. It came pre installed.

  harps1h 08:22 18 Mar 2008

the download issue can be affected by many factors including:
website traffic

your isp's contention rate where more than one person is on the same pipe (usually this is 50:1).

other people in the house using the same connection

if your network is unsecured there maybe somebody else piggy backing of it

As for the installing of Windows there is a good chance the system came with a recovery disk, which will put the computer back to the factory settings which you received the system set at. if this is the case it will do everything for you, but you would need to backup all the important information on it as you will loose all data held.

if you don,t have one you get one from the Hewlett Packard website where the system will be listed. these usually around £25.00 which you can pay by vias/debit. delivery takes around 3 weeks. as a matter of interest what is your model number?

use here as a starting point to search for a recovery disk if you need to click here

  benson68 10:18 18 Mar 2008

I've got a recovery DVD. I used this (twice) after the computer shop's effort failed to improve the speed. I've disabled whatever I can in msconfig, & this seemed to be of benefit.
Do you think that there might be a "repair" option? There used to be one in Internet Explorer, & there is one in AVG. I've also used Spybot, Ccleaner, sfc /scannow, disk cleanup.

Today, by the way, after 2hrs 35 min, my download is 52% completed. So, better than last night, but still not as fast as expected.

  harps1h 18:48 18 Mar 2008

Another way to increase speed is to put in more ram. this will increase the speed at which your system will process data. As I understand it XP really requires a minimum of 1GB ram to keep it running smoothly. it will not however have much impact on your web surfing. as a matter of fact try another download from a different site- you may it will download faster. it is just one of those things

  benson68 18:49 18 Mar 2008

"Last night I tried to download a free program from a computer magazine. 454Mb should have taken 80min at a broadband speed of 1Mb/sec. I've got cable at 2Mb/sec, & after 3 hours 10 min it was 51% completed! I gave up."

It took from 7.45 this morning until 2.50 this afternoon to download this program! 7 hrs 5min!

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