sweex wireless router

  elle2u 16:33 24 May 2006


I am trying to secure wireless internet connection with this router via laptop and asus 802.11g network adapter. My ISP is AOL. Is anyone familiar with this particular router as no matter what I do it just wont work unless I have an open connection.

I`ve read lots of threads with great advice on security and understand what I need to do....change SSID, enable MAC filtering etc. but actually doing this is difficult.

Thanks for your help

  ade.h 16:42 24 May 2006

No, sorry. click here , read my comment in that thread and you'll see why getting info about such an obscure brand will not be easy. If it was Belkin, Linksys, etc. I could tell you how to do it.

I wish I could help with specific advice, but all that I can suggest is that you read the manual carefully and try to follow it. Any terms with which you are unfamiliar can easily be explained.

  elle2u 16:59 24 May 2006

Thanks ade.h. I see what you mean. Maybe you could tell me is bridge filtering the same as MAC filtering? The page that seems to be the one to put mac adresses in on the router config is entiltled bridge filtering, but it asks for source and destination MAC and type. Would that mean the source is the MAc address of the network adapter and destination is the router or vice versus?

In the network adapter setup it can operate as a "soft AP" mode or "station" mode. Do these terms mean anything to you? I havent got a clue but I`m determined to learn!!

Thanks again

  ade.h 17:08 24 May 2006

No, it's different, but that's not to say that this screen does not also control standard MAC filtering as well; it might. A bridge is a way of linking two network adapters in one client - for example WLAN and Ethernet adapters. It's not in common use, but any MAC filtering would require the physical addresses of both adapters.

I'll look up the other terms.

  elle2u 17:15 24 May 2006

Soft AP

The Soft AP tab displays the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and bridge features of the card. The Soft AP tab appears only on system running on Windows XP.

Soft AP/STA Mode

This field allows you to select the wireless LAN card mode. Select Station Mode if you wish to connect to an access point or to other wireless devices (Ad Hoc mode). Select Soft AP Mode to configure your computer as a soft access point. Fields in the network diagram are enabled when Soft AP mode is selected.

This is pasted from the help file of the network adapter.

  ade.h 17:27 24 May 2006

In that case, you need station mode, as you will not be using ICS or bridging, but will be connecting to an access point.

  elle2u 21:41 31 May 2006

Would CHAP authentication have any effect on how to configure security? I have got so far as creating a new wireless connection but the router wouldnt move to the next web page to confirm the settings had been saved, and I couldnt connect to it or access the internet. If I hide the default SSID with an open connection the laptop doesnt seem to see it sometimes? I dont know if any of this makes sense. Thanks once again for your input.

  ade.h 22:22 31 May 2006

"If I hide the default SSID with an open connection the laptop doesn't seem to see it sometimes?"

No, it won't very easily. With a hidden SSID, you are totally reliant on WZC (or the 3rd-party software, whichever you use) knowing/remembering where to look for its default wireless network. If, at any time, you need to connect manually by browsing for your network, you can't. Hiding the SSID is the one security measure that I never use, because it would be extremely inconvenient in my case.

click here and click here are a bit techy, but explain CHAP quite well.

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