Swapping Outlook Exp. files from old PC to new PC.

  Ico 09:46 02 Feb 2005

In a few days I should have a nice new PC from Evesham computers. Only thing is I'm not too sure how to transfer all my old emails, email addresses, I.E. favourites etc from my old PC to the new one. To complicate matters further, the old PC uses Windows 98SE and the new one will have XP. Is it poss. to swap or better to just start afresh?
Thanks in advance.

  Sethhaniel 10:12 02 Feb 2005

File = import /export -export to file

then reverse on new computer ??? ;)

  scotty 10:20 02 Feb 2005

E-mails and contact are stored in .dbx files with names like Inbox.dbx, Sent.dbx etc. Search for Inbox.dbx on your harddrive to find the folder in which these files are stored. Check the date last modified as sometimes more than one version is found.

When you install OE on new pc, the same file names are created. Find their location as above and replace with the .dbx files from your old pc.

For IE, I would use the export/import option.

  Ico 10:45 02 Feb 2005

Thanks, I'll give those a go.

  freaky 11:51 02 Feb 2005

No problemo! Did this last month.

I exported the files to a memory stick, then plugged the memory stick into the new PC.

Opened a new folder on the Desktop of new PC and gave it a suitable name. Dragged the files from the memory stick into the new folder.

Then Imported from the new folder to OE.

Possibly a bit long winded, but at least it worked.

Actually you may be able to just use a Floppy instead of a memory stick, depends on the total file size you are exporting.

A memory stick is very useful for transferring data from one PC to another. They come in varying capacities, mine is 512mb.

  RealDopey 11:55 02 Feb 2005

This has got to be the easy way click here

just use the 30 day trial version.

  FelixTCat 12:08 02 Feb 2005

Try this: click here

It is on a 30-day trial, which should be long enough. Copy the backed up files to the new computer, install the program and restore. Bingo!

Also, see Microsoft's page click here

  Ico 12:16 02 Feb 2005

Thanks everyone - some really helpful advice to try there.

  mco 22:40 03 Feb 2005

Thanks - will check all that out!

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