Swapping HDD from system to system

  faichfolds 19:28 20 Jun 2003

I have built a new system, but as yet have no HDD for it.

I assume that it is okay to "borrow" the HDD from another system, and change the drivers accordingly?

  powerless 19:32 20 Jun 2003

If the other HDD has XP on it then umm no. XP's activation will cry and will see the computer as a new one...

...Which it is!

Windows 98/ME (maybe 2000) you should be ok. I have actually done it with 98 it took it time but we got there in the end.

  faichfolds 19:38 20 Jun 2003

XP it has, but never mind, I was only "trialing" it from a friend.

If I back everything up and format, I can load 98SE on to it, which in my opinion is superior to XP anyway. I had XP on FAT32 so it's still compatable for the backup. I hope!!

  misery 20:00 20 Jun 2003

would have to format the drive or at the very least remove the old motherboard drivers as the it will not understand why original drivers don't do the business.

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