Swapping hard drives from AMD board to Intel board

  Digifox 14:41 30 Jan 2008


Can anyone help with the following problem please? I bought a secondhand Viglen branded PC with its HD wiped and reformatted. The plan was to take the HD from our old AMD-based Time PC (AMD 1Ghz), put it into the Intel P4-based system (1.7Ghz) and give it to my son to play games on. He's young, doesn't need a 'gamers' PC as such and as long as the PC is faster than 1.5GHz, has an Nvidia card (I have a spare FX5200) and a 16 bit soundcard all should be well. Except it isn't! The PC won't boot from my existing HD. I've tried a fresh install to the wiped HD and the PC boots fine, so it's not a hardware issue, but I don't want to lose all the applications and files from my existing HD so I'd much rather use that (both HDs have XP Pro SP2 on them).
My guess it that it's a software problem, possibly related to motherboard drivers resulting from changing from an AMD board to an Intel board ie my HD doesn't have the necessary drivers on it to run with the Intel board. Would this seem a logical conclusion? If so how on earth do I get them on there? Most of the drivers from the Intel site are zipped and still are more than 1.44Mb, besides which as the PC won't even boot with this HD in, how do I boot up to get the files on there from say a USB stick?

Any help is much appreciated.

  Stuartli 14:59 30 Jan 2008

If you have an XP installation disk (even better with SP2 on it) and can get into the Bios, set to Boot from CD and then do an XP Repair.


click here

for details of how to do it (DON'T select the Recovery Console in error, choose to Repair).

XP doesn't always like a new mobo and a Repair gets over this problem if it arises.

I've done this twice with new motherboards and it's been successful each time.

  keef66 14:59 30 Jan 2008

try a repair install of XP from the CD (Google for detailed guidance) then install the correct mobo chipset drivers etc.

  keef66 15:02 30 Jan 2008

or, alternatively, follow Stuartli's link.

Clearly a faster typist / thinker than me!

  Diemmess 15:07 30 Jan 2008

I think you are correct most of the way.
It is a software problem with two awkward prongs to cope with.

1) Each PC needs its own motherboard specific drivers on the HD.
Yes you can install an OS, but won't progress further until after these are in place.

2) Each application (games or office stuff) needs to be installed from the original CD because installation integrates with the OS on that computer, making hundreds of changes to the registry and system files as it goes.

Tough isn't it!

  Digifox 15:44 30 Jan 2008

Hi guys, thanks for the quick responses so far!

So, I put my existing HD in, boot to CD and repair? That will automatically put the correct motherboard drivers in for me?

Thanks again

  Digifox 18:13 30 Jan 2008

Hi guys

Thanks to all those who responded. Stuartli's suggestion was spot on, thanks especially to him being first on the case!

  Stuartli 20:04 30 Jan 2008

Pleased it's sorted..:-)

  keef66 10:05 31 Jan 2008

you should also check in Device manager to see if you need to install / update any chipset, sound, graphics drivers

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