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  wednesday 13 13:54 03 Apr 2007


I have 2 hard drives, 1 80gb and another 160gb. the programmes on the 160gb run a lot slower than ones on the other despited over 75% free space on each. i would like to know the following:

1. would this mean that the 160Gb is slower than the 80gb

2. can i easly transfer games and the windows folder to the other disk without any disturbance and less needed files on the 80gb to the other?

  Totally-braindead 14:40 03 Apr 2007

The simple answer is no it cannot be easily done. You can transfer files ok but the main programs are more differcult. I'll have a stab at explaining why.

When you install a program it goes to a certain file and all the parts of the program know where this file is and can find it. If you move the program certain parts of the program will look to where the program was installed initially and of course will not find it. You can move the Data you created easily enough its the programs that may cause the problem.

The choices are reload the programs from scratch on the 80 gig drive or check the second drive to see if it is slower and if so replace it with a faster drive and use a program like Acronis Drive Image to copy from the old drive to the new drive and then place the new drive in where the 160 gig one was. You could then perhaps buy a hard drive enclosure and put the old 160 gig drive in it and then you have a 160 gig external backup hard drive that could connect via USB 2.0.

To check the drives and their relative speeds look at the labels and look up the specs on the hard drive manufacturers websites.

See what anyone else suggests before you do anything.

  pj123 19:07 04 Apr 2007

As an add-on to Totally-braindead response.

If your 80gb drive is the C: (boot drive) and you have programs installed on the 160gb (I assume D: drive) the installation still needs to put files on the C: drive (mainly in the Registry).

So a program installed on a second drive will have to access the main (boot drive) to get information to be able to load the program. This, obviously, will slow the process down.

I have two physical hard drives in my computer but the main C: drive has got only my O/S and all programs/applications on. The other drive has all my personal files/data/photo's etc.

  wednesday 13 14:16 11 Apr 2007

my OS is on the 160 along with the programmes that are slowed down. i do have another OS on the 80 though that i was soon removing but not using. i did have a forum but i'll try asking again, can i just delete the windows folder as any other?

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