Swapping CPU/Mobo

  Wrong 12:07 28 Jun 2004


Just a quick question

Friends Got a fault with either his mobo or cpu

and wanted to try his kit in my PC

Iam running Win XP pro at mo...will I need to reinstall XP to test new mobo and cpu or will it just be a re- activiation of XP


  xania 13:35 28 Jun 2004

Every time you install a new mobo, faulty or otherwise, you have to reinstall Windows. This is because the instalation will pull down all the drivers approrpiate to what's on that mobo. So your option will not work. However, yopu could try also attahcing the HD to your PC - that way, the correct OS will be running.

In any case, you don't need to worry about activation if you only need it for a short while.

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