Swapping CD Writers

  3rdday 17:44 19 Jun 2003

I have a new CD-writer which I am going to use to replace an older slower one. Before I turn off the PC and take the old one out to put the new one in, do I have to do anything to prepare for this or will the PC automatically see that the old one has gone and the new one is in its place? (I'm running Windows XP Home, if that's relevant).

your machine running xp will detect the change, it probably wont be necessary to instal a new driver but if you have a newer version of the driver that xp has in its database then there's no harm in updating it.

  leo49 17:58 19 Jun 2003

If you use Nero ensure you have the latest version so that it'll recognise the drive model.

  3rdday 10:59 26 Jun 2003

Nero supports the drive okay. Unfortunately, my backup software doesn't. Bummer. Should have checked before I bought the drive.

  3rdday 22:41 28 Jun 2003

I've given up with the new drive. Nero works fine with it, but lots of oher things don't. I've put the old drive back in.

Anyone wnat to buy a nearly-new MSI CR52-A2 52x24x52?

  alan 2273 23:24 28 Jun 2003

Just a thought did you go into device manager and uninstall your old cd writer before you put your new one in and did you also take out the old software that came with your origional writer

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