Swap Hard Drives XP to Vista-Possible?

  Kooji 14:25 09 Aug 2010

Hi all I have a real dilemma. I have broken the mains input connection to one of my laptops. It is 2 year old machine a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile running Windows Vista. I have an 8 year old Sharp laptop running Windows XP. Is it possible to remove the HD from the Fujitsu machine and install it into the older Sharp machine and would it then operate within that other machine? I have been told by a 'tech guy' that it would be cheaper to buy another laptop than to try to repair the broken one. I can't afford to spend around £600.00 on another machine. Any advice welcome please.

Thanks All

  johndrew 14:39 09 Aug 2010

Provided the Sharp laptop meets the minimum requirements for Vista click here it may be slow but should work.

There used to be a checking tool but I think it has been removed.

You should also check the type of HDD in each laptop the Sharp may be IDE and the Fujitsu may be SATA this would make it near impossible to exchange HDDs.

You could, as a last resort, put the Fujisu drive into a caddy/dock and boot the Sharp from that if the specification are OK and you can select an external source to boot from. Failing these options I have no other suggestions.

  Pineman100 14:46 09 Aug 2010

Surely the cheapest and most convenient option would be to get the mains connector fixed.

The following shows you a repair to the mains connector on a Fujitsu Siemens laptop, although it's a different model from yours. Nevertheless, the principles are probably not that different.

click here

But if you're not confident of your skills at doing the job, there are lots of repair companies who'll do it - just look in your Yellow Pages. This is a very common laptop repair.

  Kooji 16:18 09 Aug 2010

Thanks both will check out the repair options first. Many thanks.


  keef66 12:22 11 Aug 2010

Even if the Sharp laptop will take the HDD, you'll have to reinstall the operating system because the drivers for the motherboard, graphics, sound etc will be absent. Plus at 8 years old it would I imagine be painfully slow.

I'd have thought a repair was your best option. Loads of people online advertising their services

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